Airbnb Guidebook

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Imagine you could tell your potential guest “hey, copy my airbnb property link, replace ‘air’ with ‘dm’ and open it in your browser to view my guidebook”. Meaning that got transformed to
By this link you hosted your guidebook, instagram link, contacts or whatever.

Would such a service be a solution for you?

I’ll be honest. I’m considering creating it. Just not sure it’s useful to many

You can easily create a pdf of the Airbnb guidebook, give it any name you want, post it in a free Google site and then give a guest a link to that. So, I can do that myself.

What am I missing in this ‘service be a solution for you?’

By the way, if you’re soliciting business, not allowed.

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As far as I understood the issue is sharing the link with a person who is not a guest yet but just considering. To provide more information which supposedly is a competitive advantage and thus encouraging to book

If this is before the guest books, AirBnB could consider it an attempt to take a guest off-platform and suspend or delist us. I wouldn’t risk it. We have our own website and I don’t attempt to send potential guests there. It’s not worth risking the listing. So I send them there after they book.

If they ask about a guidebook before they book, I tell them we have a website with a lot of information and I can send them the link after they book.

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AirBnB doesn’t want you to direct someone off their platform until the guest has booked. That’s to get their service fee and keep control of the booking. So they prohibit it until after the guest books.

Links in Airbnb messages before a booking is confirmed will be blocked. And hosts could be delisted for directing guests who message them through the platform to direct booking.

There is no reason why guests need more than the info in the listing ad to be encouraged to book. If they have specific questions, they can just use an inquiry message to ask the host.

And guidebooks tell you about things to do in the area- there is tons of online information that guests can look up for an area they are planning to travel to.

I truly wish I could direct them to our website before booking. Not to try to cut AirBnB out, but to give guests information. The majority of our guests have dozens of questions - what restaurants to eat at, what beaches are nearby, what flights to take, the just goes on and on. And most of them ask those questions before they book.

I’m their replacement for a travel agent. So I priced it into our rate and have developed a number of standard responses that I can send them. I won’t risk getting delisted by trying hard to send them to our website instead of answering their questions.