Airbnb encouraging guest request alternate check-in/out times-Is this new?

From the preview of my listing:
“Check-in for this home is between 3PM and 12AM (midnight) and checkout is at 1PM. If this doesn’t work for you, try messaging Anne.”

Of the past 7 guests, 6 have requested check-in or out times out of my stated time windows. I used to receive requests occasionally (maybe 1X per month) and I would accomodate them if I could.

I feel like Airbnb is telling the guest, Anne has these time slots but doesn’t mean it.

Is this wording new?

What fresh new hell is this?

I haven’t seen that one. They’re doing a similar thing with IB where guests can say what time they expect to arrive, with no regard to the host’s check-in times. It’s stupid and I put it into the Host Voice thing (which I don’t think any person at Airbnb gives one half of one :poop: about.

This company gets worse each year.
There’s a thread on Reddit/r/airbnb where a guest, upon arrival, was asked to pay the security deposit in cash. They called CS and were told they’d need to pay outside Airbnb, in total violation of their own TOS. It’s an insane asylum full of idiots with no common sense who don’t even check their own rule book.


I haven’t seen this either but I find it really annoying to encourage guests to ask for things against our terms. Ugh! In my preview there’s a place to click helpful or not helpful. Click away!


Wait, what, Airbnb is encouraging guests to ask for early check in and late check out? What’s next “This is a shared space but if that’s uncomfortable for you feel free to ask the host if they can live somewhere else for the duration of your stay.”


I’d love to see a screen shot of that. I don’t have it on mine, thank goodness. I did get the “rare find” badge today when I did an incognito search.

I suppose if they give the option, guests click it and then hosts accomodate it, we’ll all be forcing into using it.

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Sorry @KKC. I could’t do a screen shot. But I copied the verbiage directly off my preview. I will try again.

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@KKC. Here it is. See the last bullet point


Thanks. So this is after they book or request to book or if you click “contact host?” This is not on my listing when I just look at it online so what does the guest do that brings them to this screen. Just wondering if there’s anything I can do to head off early requests.

When I get IB’s and they have the message that the guest is going to check in outside my time, say 2-4 pm when my window opens at 4 I make sure to message the guest and tell them check in begins at 4. So far all the guests have been cool with that but if I get any back talking or demands I’m going to be looking at cancelling as not comfortable because they are going to violate my rules. Also these folks won’t get the check in info sent to them until that afternoon.

Aha! that could explain why my last three bookings have requested an early check-in. One guest asked to check-in at 12 noon. Check-out is 11 am, so I couldn’t agree to that, even if I wanted to…My stated arrival option is anytime after 3pm, with a self-check-in.
Over the past four years, I’ve had maybe half a dozen such requests. I’m not on IB, if that makes a difference.
Airbnb is becoming a tad megalomaniacal. Seems we have no way to impeach them…



On my preview page, this is the page appearing after the potential guest clicks “contact host”. No booking has been requested-yet.

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I think this is why I’m getting so many more requests for custom check-in/check out times.

I need to tinker with my preview to see if any thing else triggers it. I wonder if it it appears on the guest itinerary too?


If I were a guest who got this message, and the host said “no”, I’d be thinking “but Airbnb told me to! Now the host is being unco-operative!”

…three to four stars, waiting to happen.


Thanks, When I click “contact host” it won’t load. I tried it on the preview page and direct from the web. So at least this morning I can’t see if that’s an option on my listing. Thank goodness I have IB. I’m always vaguely annoyed when someone messages me instead of just booking. They sound serious but then they don’t reserve, they are just wasting my time. My only requirement is that they have govt ID.

I found it on mine and yours here’s the screen shots

Thanks @Maggieroni! This is a mixed bag. It’s helpful that they say how far it is from the airport but I’m not excited about them encouraging guests to question my check in and check out times.

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It’s depressing to think that our potential guests are so dumb (or treated as such) to have to be told to ask the host if they want something different. Really? Is this the best AirBnB could come up with to address check-in and check-out issues?

I was wondering why I have had a run of guests instant booking and then I see check in time on the itinerary way past my check in limit! There was no asking, and I had no idea why. It would be nice to be told by airbnb.

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Whoa, the early check in requests are indeed increasing. I have a full time outside job so I block a day and have accommodated in the past, but I’m thinking of updating my listing and charging. Has that been successful for those of you who offer it, and has there been any pushback from guests or from Airbnb?

I can’t answer your question specifically but overall I have increased my prices and everyone has to pay for more and better services. My overall price is averaging about $7 a night more with the same number of bookings year over year. Other costs (water, electric, repairs as things age) are marginally higher. But I’m making an extra $200 a month for summer high season. So when, as happened last week, a mother daughter couple stained every towel, the blanket and a pillowcase and I have to treat and wash them more than once I’m more circumspect.

I use IB but sometimes get people getting in touch because they require an early check in or late check out. If I can accommodate them I do. If they are staying for a week or more and so are therefore paying a lot of money, then I’ll block a day if I have to.

Often though when asked for an early check in I just tell them no. Nine times out of ten they book anyway.