Airbnb - Double ticketing class action

Interesting …

It’s what customers have been complaining about forever. All they have to do is include their fees (and taxes) in the search results.


Exactly and VRBO, even host built sites, will have this issue. Especially if there is a rate change between days or any fees. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Which will be why they will go to the put the fee on the host model, same as hotels.

Excellent news in general, but the problem I see is that all prices actually are displayed before booking. I know nothing about Canadian law so we shall see where this goes. My prediction: no where.

As we’ve complained the real problem is with hosts putting ridiculously low prices knowing that’s what displays.

ABB is fighting the class certification and I’m betting this gets included in their “this isn’t an ABB problem” argument

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Wouldn’t this cause Airbnb to do what I’ve seen hotels do? What I see them do is list a room rate like this: as low as $100. Or something like that. But then when you actually book that room, you may find that the dates you selected are more like $150. Hotels seem to get away with that handily.


Keep in mind this a Canadian suit. So maybe what they see in Canada on hotels is different?

Seems like a silly lawsuit. Taxes are always extra, and there are many things that we buy that have “additional charges” no included in “the listed price”.

No one forces any guest to click “book now” or “buy now”. That room is cheap for Japan - I used to go there every month for business. He should be thankful he has non-hotel options …

Here is a bit about mandatory Add On Fees by hotels:

They already do this in Europe @Brian_R170

In California, I was contacted by Gibbs Law Firm to be part of a Class Action Arbitration against Airbnb for refunding money to guests when my cancelation policy was strict.