Airbnb CS experience, right now

Dealing, via chat/message with CS over what should be a fairly straightforward availability issue with the calendar on one of our apartments.

I speak English, sort of.

The CS speaks English, I think.

So, we have a “sort of” versus an “I think”, which equates to:




You DO know that various regional CS offices handle world calls at different times, don’t you? Try calling earlier or later in your day to see if you get someone more linguistically compatible. On the East Coast of the US, if I call before 2PM local time I often get a CS person from Ireland for example!

I would be nice if Air published a list who which places have phone duty when… but I’m sure they never will.

But it feels so good when you stop!!

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Did you actually read my post…


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LOL, you speak English, but don’t write it?

Maybe you write with a Scottish accent?

OK, now we’re talking, as is said.

I’m now speaking to CS in Spanish, my fourth language, and they are responding in what I can only describe as Google Translate Spanish.

How fecking bizarre is that!!!

Still nowhere near dealing with the issue, but hey, it’s progress :laughing:


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Umm… it’s complicated, the Queens English is my second language.

That said, I do make a good job with written, when it’s colloquial. If I was paying my OH by the word count or page for proofing, over the years I reckon I owe her enough to leave me and lead a life of luxury for a long time.



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I thought.

It makes me feel sorry for new Airbnb hosts who might need some hand holding during their initial days, especially in home hosts where the whole experience is probably totally new to them.

The lucky ones end up here…