Airbnb country pub

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What’s a pokie in this context?

I’d like to know that too. That bloke in the photo looks like someone who used to be on UK TV, I can’t remember his name though.

I think it’s a video poker machine.

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Has a couple of meanings but yep

…Ricky Tomlinson ?!

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Yes! Thank you :smile:

Pokies are gaming machines (gambling)in pubs.

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One armed bandits, or modern electronic versions, that now infest most pubs, sports clubs and bars in Australia particularly in poorer areas. Run by sports clubs to ostensibly raise funds they are in reality a tax on the poor and innumerate. My mother, a woman of life long temperate habits and not given to sudden bursts of irrational hope (except when she married my father) became addicted to them like a lot of older people do. I knew she was in trouble when she said “I don’t spend more on the pokies than your father does on alcohol”. :astonished: Fortunately she pulled herself together and now she just re-ups the occasional scratchie.


They abbreviated it to pokie! I expect Airbnb will be abbreviated to Airby. The only thing they won’t abbreviate is the word ‘abbreviate’. Because Abbo already means something.


“Abo” is not a word used these days. as considered racist Funnily enough we say “Paki” for Pakistani (or Paky for Pakenham a large town near where I live) but it isn’t considered a term of racial abuse like in the UK. Usually reserved for their cricket team as in “we beat the Pakis again at the Gabba”.

Also if we did abbreviate “abbreviate” it would probably be “breved”. Every time you open your mouth to round a vowel or to articulate a superfluous syllable is an opportunity for a blowie. And that doesn’t mean what it sounds like blowie = blow fly.

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I’ll never forgive the Aussies for “Uni”!


When I lived in the UK I don’t think it was seen as racial abuse (not where I lived, anyway). It was just a four letter abbreviation for Pakistani. In the same way, people call me a Brit - another four letter abbreviation denoting a nationality.

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interpretation is all down to intent