AirBnB and pet damage

I learned recently that damage done by pets is not covered by AirBnB even though my listing clearly indicated “not suitable for pets”- also an issue as the lawyer who stayed in my house, snuck a dog in, and allowed the dog to pee all over pointed out that “not suitable” does not equate to “not allowed”.

AirBnB had me running around to get documentation, etc. and then ended the months long effort with “pet damage is not covered”. I spent a lot of time in good faith working with AirBnB support and doing everything they asked only for them to point out that my claim would have never been considered as covered.

Yes- this is information that I could have sought myself, but I relied on the expertise of the AirBnB employees.

I’d like to know how other hosts monitor guests so that no pets come into the house.

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I recommend having cameras outside at all entrance/exits from the rental. If they have a small dog that they snuck in and allowed to eliminate without taking outside then that wouldn’t help but most dog owners prefer that their dog potty outside. As for pet damage not covered, I’ve never heard or seen this. I don’t doubt they told you that though. Is this an old case? If not I’d use twitter and or facebook to try to get them to look at your case again.

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So this is interesting…I just checked and the “Host Guarantee” doesn’t cover pet damage.
That’s messed up. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


As Karma said, having an outdoor camera that covers exterior doors is SO helpful…extra people, unauthorized pets, drunken arrivals…


Thanks for checking for that…it was on my “to do” list for today. Now that I think of it I probably read that when I started and dismissed it mentally. With my dog boarding business it’s the same, my insurance doesn’t cover damage caused by dogs so I’ve made my peace with that issue. I’ve had multiple pets here, and only one incident. That owner was apologetic and paid for professional carpet cleaning straight away.

However, knowing that Airbnb won’t cover is annoying, especially if someone sneaks in a dog! That’s should be considered owner caused damage.


Yeah, if someone is sneaking in a dog that should be on the guest.
It’s also really unclear why some things go to the host guarantee when they ought to be paid out of the guests’ deposit.

I was also surprised that they don’t cover “shared areas that aren’t considered part of the listing”. So…a guest can tear up the lobby or downstairs hallway and the host has to cover that damage?

Indeed, how would Airbnb respond if a human wet a sofa, bed or carpet?

We had a member here posting about damage to the carpet in the hallway in front of the door the apartment they had on Airbnb. I can’t recall for certain but I don’t think Airbnb paid for that. Part of the problem with that trying to determine that Air guests caused the damage.

I agree with @KKC CCTV at all entrances would seem the obvious solution for those who host remotely. Not just for pets, but visitors who haven’t booked and paid to stay.

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thank you.
I will immediately remove pets allowed from my listing.
So - what will they do if a service animal or support animal ( not a pet ) causes damage?

Thank you! Because of your post, I just added to my House rules “Pets Not Allowed” I am not a fan of “loopholers “ :upside_down_face:

It’s not an old case and is right there in the insurance claim and in their Terms of Service- I assumed that it meant for those who allowed pets…

It doesn’t matter if it is a service dog, a snuck in dog, or an allowed dog- AirBnB will not cover any pet damage. None.

I hate to say it , but for once the Scumbag… I means Lawyer… is right. Not Suitable is not the same as No Dogs Allowed.

You need to not just tick the Not Suitable For Pets button, but in the first few lines of your listing specifically state NO DOGS ALLOWED.

Of course you must allowed registered, certified Service Animals, but they are generally so well trained that there will be no ‘accidents’.

Were you trying to claim a damage deposit - assuming you have that option - or the Pie in the Sky Host Guarantee?

@Elle - a service animal is not a pet. Think of it as a wheelchair. If a guest damaged your walls with their wheelchair, would the guarantee cover it?


When the emotional support alligators puncture their paddling pool and it floods the listing.

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On a busman’s holiday, getting adversarial with the host …

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Augh, but first time anyone denies an animal, suddenly they are a service animal and ABB is sternly advising that they must be allowed.

If they are going to give guests an out (debatable and debated ad nauseum before) then they need to cover the damage caused.

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Augh. The lawyer is splitting hairs but correctly. And, speaking from experience being married to an Atty, they are always right anyway. And if they aren’t, they will argue you blue. Don’t even try. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy: