Air Suspended us for being 4 Stars!

We are renting 3 bedrooms and bath during the summer only. We have had a great first season. Lots of lessons learned. Our reviews have been 4 star. The only complaints are that the rooms are hot and that it is a shared space. Our listing does not offer Air Con as an amenity. We provide fans. However it has been an wild unseasonable hot summer. So I am not unhappy with 4 stars. The shared thing drives me crazy as our listing specifically says shared and says our 25 year old son s on site. Reviews say what a pleasant guy he is so I doubt he is the problem. I think they just assume it is private when they read 3 rooms & private bath. Again, we can live with the 4 stars.

Here is the problem. Just had an email from Air BNB saying our account has been suspended for only having 4 stars. Is 4 stars so awful?

Now we are closed till spring and will plan on getting Air Con units for the space and be even more explicit about it being shared when we start up in May. But someone here was saying new listings get more prominence. Should we shut down entirely and begin again next spring? (Now the 8 months are just blocked off).


With verified identity, it would be really hard to start over again. I hate how people get suspended for 4 stars…that’s still “above average” in any rational system. You’ll be okay since you were planning to shut down for the off-season anyway. I’d consider buying a few window AC units (buy them now on clearance!) and have them available for the hot days. And in your main description going forward put prominently “this is a shared space in our home” front and center.

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Thanks Sarah, that is what we were thinking. I don’t know how much more prominent we can be on the shared, sine we name our son and say what he does for a living!! I guess ppl don’t read. We will try!

You could put photos of the host, your son, in the listing. A photo of him sitting in the kitchen or living room looking friendly.

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Do Airbnb explicitly state anywhere that they’ll shut you down for anything less than 5 stars? I’m not doubting what has been said! I’m just amazed by it and I’m curious to see it written down somewhere. Anyone have a link?


There is a new host on my street, charging about ten dollars more a night than I do, and she has been getting 4 stars while everyone raves about loving her place in the writen commentary. I’m wondering if she’ll get booted.

I can’t figure out why the 4 stars when I get almost straight 5’s. We both rent MILs without kitchens, but she lists as a separate unit and I list as a room in my home. Her house is beautiful and mine is clean and tidy but nothing fancy (hers is a 100 year old renovated farmhouse vs. my mid-century ranch home). The only thing I can think of is that her house is harder to find than mine and it can be confusing to know where to park.

Is it all newly renovated? Maybe because it’s old it looks dirty? I’ve been in older homes where things are older and worn and though it’s clean, it just doesn’t look like it. I’m also mystified by why someone would be suspended for 4 stars.

@Martha is has been repeatedly pointed out that people don’t read. Are they sharing with your son and other guests or only with other guests?

We have half 5 stars and half 4 stars and every comments are very great but most of the clients were air bnb newbies…

The home was just purchased in the spring and I saw work being done to get it ready for sale. Of course everything looked amazing in the real estate pictures, but she re-used those in her listing instead of taking new pics. Presumably she has different furniture, so maybe that is causing the four-star ratings. Guests rave about the beauty of the home and complain about parking and finding the house… who knows!


Do you list it as ‘entire home’ or ‘private room’?

By definition ‘entire home’ has to have a door that locks between the host’s space, and the guest space.

We have ‘private room’ but we offer 2 bedrooms, and that’s annoying because air doesn’t give me the option to enter ‘2’ under number of bedrooms. I have to say it’s 1 bedroom but then in my description plaster the words ‘2 bedrooms’. We are about to start construction on re configuring things so we can list it as ‘entire’.

And yes, if you list it as ‘entire’ then they are not going to understand that you son is actually right there in the space.

Sorry about the suspension, though. As a shopper of airbnb listings I see more and more with less than 5 stars. How can they suspend for 4 stars?


Also, what’s the point of the “super host” designation if you get suspended for getting 4 stars? Why basically force everyone to be practically super hosts, and then suspend them for still getting a real life “above average” rating of 3.5-4? Sure, suspend them if they’re consistently 2-3s, but 4 is good in real life!


Wow. That is scary. Did you call and ask? I wonder if that is automatically triggered?

Three stars and I could see it. But 4? I always get four stars from guests who are sometimes expecting the Mauna Lani Hotel for hostel prices.

Where are you located? I would fight that! Escalate!

And here they let all these excessively commercial inappropriate listings stand while a legitimate host gets suspended for 4 stars?


We show as private room(s) with an option of 1-2- or 3. The site is awful for this. When 2 people book there is no option for 2 rooms, so I have to ask them if they are a couple and want one room or 2. Drives me nuts. Hotel sites have solved this problem so Air should too! Whatever we plaster in the description doesn’t get read by many guests! Very frustrating and irritating to get 4 stars on description and amenities (no air) when the description does not promise whole house and Air.

That said we were fully booked all season and have all winter to redo the description and by some Air Con Units. I will NOT promise central Air, even with the window units!

The suspension could have been based on reviews too. How are they?

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I share your frustration!

I once discussed this with an airbnb person and she said 'this is fantastic feedback - I’m going to push that up the line! Still waiting…

It was an awful summer, no doubt about it.

Have you called air to discuss the suspension?

You could create separate listings for each room and put in your description that if someone was coming with a larger group you’ll offer a discount on booking more than 1 room. You could sync the calendars and actually have a way to book all 3 rooms or rooms individually. I know there’s people on here that do this, but I don’t have a listing that this would work for so i haven’t tried.


But if someone was filtering for 3 guests, the first double room wouldn’t come up.

We have this kind of problem. We have 2 double rooms but we don’t rent them separately (we think the resulting shared bathroom wouldn’t give guests a great experience) so we’ve come up with a slightly clumsy explanation in our listing. It seems to work but we are always frustrated that it might be a bit confusing.

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I have now been reinstated. There was a button to click to be reinstated, with a firm and silly admonishment to read tips for hosts. Also a little threat that if my ratings don’t improve I could get suspended or cancelled. I do think it is bizarre. The reviews are all quite positive and the guests have all been lovely intelligent people.
I have had 5 stars in all but one category, so I think I am very close to five stars, but my listing has never shown partial stars. The only issues have been the two - no air con (We are in Canada, usually not necessary, and not promised) and the son in the house (but saying he was nice, just expected whole house) This when the listing is shared.

Oh and we did have a couple who slightly complained that they only saw the son once during their 10 day visit!!! Go figure.

We will go back to it in May and see what happens and then, if suspended will raise a ruckus…

@Geddy3 We found the same and next year will list as 3 bedrooms, private bath, accommodates up to 6
at a higher price. No more one room option.


Truly Idiotic. I wish you could edit the title of your Post to “Air suspended us for being 4 star”. I would love to hear if this is happening to others. It’s outrageous and shows how stupid their rating system is. Maybe as guests are filling out the ratings, anything below 5 star should stay, “Air ought to suspend this listing and talk to the host”.


Can’t they???