Air host pushes guest down a flight of stairs

I do not think he was mentally ill, just frustrated by an arrogant entitled guest that broke the houserules.


The victim is a victim not a “victim”. The host didn’t make a mistake. He deliberately committed assault/attempted murder.

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If he responds to frustration with assault/attempted murder at the very least he has major anger management issues.

He did not deliberately commit an assault or attempted murder.
That is the bullshit the media makes off this.

The host pushed her, she lost her balance en fell down the stairs. He did not push her with the intention of her falling down the stairs.

What the host did was wrong, but some people can be very verbally abusive and make people lose their temper.


Yes, he did deliberately commit assault/attempted murder. She was bracing herself against the wall. He pried her off the wall and threw her down the stairs. I didn’t see any verbal abuse on her part in the video. You are trying to justify the host’s horrific actions.

He totally lost it but I don’t think he meant for her to fall down the stairs, you can hear the shock in his voice when he races down the stairs and calls for someone to ring an ambulance.

Thankfully the guest only needed a short time in hospital and she was released.

The guests were a pain in the backside, still there 2 hours after check out, but needs to be handled much better by a host.


I am shocked and dismayed by all the apologists for the host who committed this vile act. If he didn’t want her to fall down the stairs he shouldn’t have pried her away from the wall and pushed her.

Why do people here and on other boards think it’s okay to assault/attempt to murder someone because they are a “pain in the backside”? That is the excuse that spousal abusers and child abusers use.

Gosh yes - I fell down a few steps in a hostel in Amsterdam once. Had a bit of a laugh but certainly was not pushed.

You’re doing a lot of spinning yourself there. How do you know they refused to leave? How do you know “they behaved entitled because they were working for an exhibition”? You don’t. You’re making assumptions and then projecting your own attitude in refusing to believe a victim’s assertion that there was a racially motivated aspect to the case. Essentially, you’re calling her a liar even though you have no evidence.

I feel another headline coming on…


It is sadly very common in the “host community” so no surprise to me. Have you ever read some of the stuff in the airbnb Community Centre? Some crazy stuff in there.

I am shocked and dismayed. I am sadly not surprised. However, I believe that it is important to call out bigotry wherever one sees it even if one sees it all the time. To bigotry no sanction.

It’s clear to me that if a guest who had to wait two hours for a host to arrive pushed the host down the stairs reactions on this board would be very different. Also, it’s clear to me that if the exact same scenario happened to anyone who posts on this board or one of their loved ones they’d be calling for a long jail sentence for the host. It’s only because the victim is black that so many people are doing mental gymnastics to figure out how they can lay the blame on her in their minds. Sickening.

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For sure they would be because then you’re in “my house, my property, my rules” territory. Being attacked / abused / confronted etc,. in your own home is more disturbing than experiencing it elsewhere. I’ve no statistics to back up that claim, but it qualifies for a general common-sense understanding as a human being, I think? And as a non-human animal, too! Plus we instinctively protect “our own people”, in this case other hosts.

But yes, I agree with you over the mental gymnastics to justify an attitude. Although I’d say describing it as ‘gymnastics’ is overly complimentary. It’s more like a three-legged horse doing steeplechase.

Please don’t include me in, "We instinctively protect “our own people”. I try to protect everyone I can regardless of whether I feel kinship with them. Also, I’m pretty sure that being assaulted is horrifying regardless of where it occurs. In my case, if it were in my home I would be less frightened than if it were elsewhere because when I’m at home I have my dogs to protect me.

OK. You are officially dis-included. You are very much your own person, it’s clear. Even when someone is agreeing with you, somehow you always find a way to be contrary!


And if they want to argue that the host wasn’t deliberately being racist because the guest was breaking house rule - I would argue that the host is not fit to host if that is how one handles such an issue. Airbnb isn’t for everyone - this includes racists but also includes people with short tempers or no patience.


You are definitely out there with your own version of events, everyone else is wrong except you.

Accusing him of attempting to murder the girl that is just so dramatic and off the scale. Then you accuse him of being a racist because she is black and he is white, yet another overly dramatic statement not based on anything except it supports your own agenda. Are you not racist against him as he is white and you assuming he did this just because she was black.
What he did was so wrong regardless if the guest was white, black or yellow. Stupid behaviour is not always racially motivated.


She was obviously not the ideal guest, staying past check out time, but no need for the host to lose it. He simply should have charged her for the additional time. He would have saved himself a great deal of aggravation.


Obviously, I don’t have my own version of events as I wasn’t there. The victim said that the host said racist things to her before he pushed her down the stairs. Therefore I am not assuming racism, I am basing my views on facts as reported. I don’t understand how you can call me racist as I didn’t ascribe the host’s behavior to his ethnicity. A fall down steep stairs can easily cause death so I am not being “overly dramatic” in calling pushing her down the stairs attempted murder. Also, I called it attempted murder because that is what the government is charging the guest with. Do you think the Dutch government is being “overly dramatic”?


This is a terrible accident for both the guest and the host. The guest stayed 2 hours past the check out time, which is pretty frustrating for any host, but the host involved should not have physical contact with the guest. Not sure if police deal with these matters in Amsterdam but if the host can explain nicely to the guest or threaten to call the police when being nice doesn’t work, he could have saved himself from a big trouble. Now I wonder what will happen to him.
Discrimination invloved or not, I believe the host didn’t push the guest down intentionally but he has to take responsibility for what he did. Being a host needs good temper for sure.


I don’t understand how anyone who has seen the video can say that the host didn’t intentionally push the guest down the stairs. She was bracing herself against the wall. He pushed her shoulder to dislodge her from the wall and force her down the stairs.