Air host pushes guest down a flight of stairs

Goodness, this is bad.

I saw this on other forums yesterday. It is truly dreadful that this could happen to any guest or in fact anyone.

Apparently the guests had overstayed by two hours and the host and his wife were trying to get them to leave when the terrible event happened.

I am glad to see the victim didn’t have to be admitted to hospital.

I know that initially when the story broke yesterday the victims friends mentioned racism - but didn’t mention any specific racist comments. So it was hard to understand why the friends were calling the attack racist.

Today the victim mentions racist comments.

Hopefully the film of the incident will capture whether any racist comments were made.

Why do you believe that the victim didn’t have to be admitted to the hospital? The linked post mentions repeatedly that she went to the hospital.

Reports I have read says she went to the hospital to get checked out but fortunately didn’t have to be admitted ie stay in overnight. So went - yes. Admitted. No.

She says she woke up in the hospital which usually means she was admitted.

Some of the comments on various sites and fora make bleak reading. The usual racist apologists, of course, but also hosts saying ‘oh she must have done something more than stay past check-out time’. As if anything could justify such behaviour!


@EllenN I haven’t read the Indy report in full so didn’t see they said she was admitted overnight. In other media reports it says she didn’t need to be admitted, but very fortunately went into hospital and was found only to have suffered minor bruising. It could have been so much more serious.

That’s media reports for you. Lots of differing stories and the truth somewhere in the middle :slight_smile:

Not to mention how many people are questioning that the host’s actions were racist. As the victims were actually there; they are probably better witnesses than Monday morning quarterbacks.

I have no clue what Monday morning quarterbacks are. I was just commenting on remarks posted by her friends that witnessed the attack yesterday.

I think it’s important to emphasise that such behaviour is unacceptable no matter what colour your skin, what country you’re from. or anything else frankly.

The accusation of racism is summed up in her words:

"She says that he called them “you people” and said “you are not the queen you think you are… this is not Africa.

Any person of colour that reads this and has witnessed racist attacks you know when it happens to you,” she says. “And the perpetrator always makes sure they say something vague… so they can’t prove anything."



As ‘a person of colour’ myself (although I don’t describe myself like that). I abhor any acts of racism.

My point was that earlier reports from her friends and the media didn’t mention this direct quote from the victim.

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Seeing as this is not a tragedy and everyone survived, maybe we can make our own headlines?

“What to do when your guest stays past check-out and, most importantly, clearly didn’t use the top sheet - outrageous!” Various host fora and Facebook groups.

“PC gone mad again. Guest trips downstairs after drug-fuelled orgy and claims it’s racism!” The Sun / Fox news

“Woman traumatised for life by vicious racist attack- is the Netherlands a hotbed of facists?”. The Guardian


“Dutch stairs are CRAZY steep! Man, how do those people manage?? One star rating for sure” Reddit

I’m not trying to minimise the incident. It’s an effort to circumvent the inevitable comments excusing the host’s behaviour with some humour. The incident is gaining a lot of traction across the media.


I don’t really enjoy it when guests want to hug me goodbye. I would NEVER actually initiate physical contact.

Humor aside, I need to read these reports, but there is really no reason that I can imagine that a host should ever become violent with a guest, or a guest should become violent with a host. Violence is easy to identify. Some other types of aggression is harder.


What a terrible incident, for everyone involved.

“It has been reported that a female guest at an airbnb rental had an accident in Amsterdam. Some are saying that it might be racially motivated. Others are denying the claim.
Meanwhile, on the Archers Lilian has had one too many again…”. BBC

Someone tell me to stop, please!


Stop whenever inspiration abandons you!

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The interesting thing is that the foreign (read American) media spins this into a racism thing instead of a bad host thing.

The “victim” overstayed (by several hours) and refused to leave because they behaved very entitled because they were working for an exhibition by Zanele Muholi.
The host made a mistake by pushing the guest, and anyone knowing the stairs in those old houses in Amsterdam knows that these are very narrow and steep. And even touching someone on those stairs is dangerous.


He should of called the cops and got her out that way and then a big thumbs down on the review.


I’m sure the host was mentally ill not saying it was OK to do that though !