Air Dry Linens? Anyone?

Given the right conditions we love hanging towels and sheets on the line to dry.

The towels are then stiffer, scratchier. We don’t mind, and they soften up with one use.

Does anyone else air-dry their towels? Do you think this would be looked upon negatively by some guests?

We air dry most of them if we have time. Sometimes we use the dryer if we have back to back guests in both of the bedrooms on the same day. No negative comments about the air dried linen and towels, I think they actually have a much more natural smell to them and not that dryer (insert scent) sheet smell.


We do, and there have been no complains. 80 bookings so far.

I usually partially air dry here. With summer temps in the 90s and 100s with 10% humidity a towel can be dry in less than an hour. I put them on the line awhile and then finish in the dryer to soften. I don’t use dryer sheets (or detergent with fragrance) because some people are allergic.


Does softener in the wash counteract this issue?

I don’t think so - but I don’t use it.

But that reminds me, I’ve been wanting to tell you all about Woolsies. I found some at a TJ Max so gave them a try. I like them very much! If you have very synthetic fabrics - like my table cloths - then you’ll need something more for static control. But for towels, sheets, and loads with mixed fabrics, they work very well.

Thanks, everyone - I like the idea of drying on the line and then giving them a tumble to soften and fluff.

Thank God I don’t live in an HOA neighborhood that restricts hanging clothes on the line!!!

Yes, perfect temps for drying everything out!

Here, as you may know, 85-95% humidity is not surprising. This summer has been great with under 50% and I’m washing EVERYTHING, and getting it out on the line - blankets, comforters duvets…


We air dry here. It doesn’t work very well, though. The air is too humid. And if it doesn’t dry quickly enough it gets that nasty mouldy smell. We’re planning to get a dryer as a supplement. One advantage of air drying vs a dryer is that the dryer damages the clothes, but air drying does not. The proof is the lint that comes off the clothes when using a dryer.


We, typically of Americans, use a dryer. When I was young, my hippie parents used a clothesline. Your clothes definitely last longer if you use a dryer (unless you use bleach) as they are not being bleached by the sun. I use unscented laundry soap and I don’t use dryer sheets.

Regarding lint, I read a review of an Airbnb where the guest complained that he got lint in his beard. The host responded that it was because she used a clothesline instead of a dryer.

We are thinking of getting a folding drying rack as we get many Europeans who don’t want to use a dryer because they don’t want their clothes to shrink.

Supposing you don’t dry them in the sun? We have a “bridge” between two buildings where we hang clotheslines and dry clothes.

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I don’t know if clothes last longer if they are air dryed in the shade. I like using a dryer, so I haven’t studied alternatives.

A few years ago our HOA tried that one. I played the eco-card and said that using electricity in the dryer was crazy when the sun and the breeze don’t cost a penny. I’ve been line drying ever since, including guest bedding and towels. They smell great.

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Thanks!! I’m going to give it a try.

A number of years ago I was in Marin County, CA. The newspaper had a big article explaining how to use a clothesline, including a description of what a clothes pin is used for. Funny.

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In Australia I dry outside most of the time. I have a dryer for when it rains but I much prefer air dried.

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I have a new fangled solar-powered dryer. It’s called a clothesline! :smile:

I’ve been air drying for years. It’s thankfully hidden on my lanai. I also have a drying rack. Electric is so expensive in Hawaii that you are nuts to use a dryer if you don’t have to… I also line dry towels and yes, they are crinkly for a day or too and then soft.


I have sheets on the line right now! I love the smell of air dried sheets. I put the towels on the line too, but then run them for 5 minutes in the dryer to get them less like a loofah.

I actually posted a picture on FB of sheets drying on the line and captioned it “my Portuguese dryer is back in service”. Growing up we didn’t have a dryer, I didn’t use one until I moved out on my own.

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I air dry everything. No complaints.

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Wow - so glad I asked! Thanks, everyone!

Here’s a shot of my Airbnb apt. laundry drying. :smile: