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Aggressive guests asked to leave- our airbnb experience


Don’t review when you are emotional. Wait as long as you can and rack up a few more positive reviews to bury these nitwits. Then summarize facts.

“I am sorry to say that Jane and John disregarded our rules around safety, and we had no choice but to ask them to leave. By way of resolution we arranged a reservation at a nearby hotel and drove them there.”

Thumbs down.



I think it’s excellent.

I think you can say that you asked them to leave. Outcome of investigation is more like “Airbnb sided with me after I called them and asked them to leave and didn’t give them a refund.”



“Would not wish guests like these on any host I had to tell them to leave, they were extremely rude, verbally aggressive, broke house rules pertaining to safety by bringing an infant in the hot tub, they were drinking heavily and left the space filthy”.

My tweaks…

F them




Hmmm…I have left reviews before indicating that guests have failed to pay either pet fees, unauthorized guest fees, damage fees, unsecured house fees, etc. and that Airbnb paid them or paid half or whatever for whatever reason I was given. They have all been allowed to stay, some with guest responses and some without.



I think you got lucky. Probably someone has to complain to get the review even looked at.




Echo that. It’s very difficult to not be emotional about your own home, but you really need to try. I personally took way too many years to learn that about business. Be objective. Don’t be emotional. Keep moving forward.



This is just a really terrible situation those guests put you in. You invited them into your home and they threatened you with violence. For the record, the hot tub sounds great electrical or wood fired.

For the review, I’d let er rip. Remember your audience, other hosts. Make sure someone like me doesn’t ever end up with them checking in here.

Kids can be a very sensitive nerve and if you hit that nerve, you can get some misguided over-protectiveness or entitlement.



Blockquote Then get so aggressive they threatened to ‘punch my glasses down my throat’ is something no one should have to tolerate in their own home.

You should have typed that to the airbnb agent. I know you experienced a horrible situation but the more specific you can be without clouds of judgment language the better.



‘To Hell with the Hosts!’ is my proposed new slogan for airbnb, as it pretty accurately sums up their companies policy -as long as they get their money?



That’s a shame, that’s been your experience in the UK @Owoolley.

I’ve only had one negative review in three and a half years and hundreds of positive ones. So I can’t agree with your comment that happy guests don’t review in the UK (waving hello from the West Country).

It seems like you are getting guests who aren’t a great fit for your property if they don’t appreciate the quality of what you offer.

If you are offering hampers and food as optional extras it would seem strange for guests to comment on the price.

By the way have you followed up with Airbnb regarding payment for these guests. Might be worth chasing via twitter.



That should be Airbnb new company motto.

Airbnb Expect nothing from us



Expect nothing anywhere.



Sad and true! Airbnb used to be Host focused. They are far far from that and keep moving further away. Money focused is the reason. Sad but true and likely not going to get better.



They (airbnb) can’t even be bothered to reply to my ‘please review this case’ what appalling ‘service’ to hosts, as above all they care about is the money. Perhaps people will eventually vote with their feet when it gets really bad, just like they did with ebay, where they lost masses of sellers as they always found in buyers favour and charged too high a fee. If Airbnb gets much worse to hosts, the same thing will happen. As it is we’re already booked in with another website to get a better class of guest -we always found those that paid most were happiest, and those who paid next to nothing, were the ones who complained most!

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It is a matter of lowering your expectations. I look at Airbnb as an agent to bring me more guests. I look for past reviews and decline reservations for new people with no reviews. I have even had AirBnB contact me to take a guest with horrible reviews and simply decline. If I have a problem guest I know I will lose the revenue. That is a given. I simply call the police who will remove the offending guest and advise the guest anything else is a “civil matter” that they can sue me later. But they are off my property. I have had to do this zero times with guests with good reviews.



Sounds a sensible approach, although we’re on with ‘instant book’ atm, which means if we’re working around the farm (with no phone signal) we don’t miss out on bookings. Think the decision is made to go elsewhere as we’re trying to offer a ‘premium’ accommodation, and airbnb seems to (mostly) just be folks looking for the cheapest option. As I’ve mentioned before we’ve always had the most grief from ‘cheap guests’ and the happiest guests have paid the highest rates.



How many times have police actually removed guests for you?



Airbnb Support


Hi Claire and Oli,

Thank you for your patience while I reviewed your case. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to share your concerns and perspective on this experience.

Based on the information provided, I have decided that you;re not entitled to a payout in this case because you’ve asked your guest to leave, and they didn’t spend any nights in the property.

I understand this was the only solution as you were not feeling comfortable with your guest’s behavior, however as you’re the only that ended the reservation we’re obligated to refund the guest as it is stated in our Terms of Service you’ve agreed to follow.

I understand you’re disappointed with our service and I’m sorry to hear that and if our polices are not fair to you as a host, please take the time and give us your feedback.

We are always looking for suggestions to make our platform better for both hosts and guests, and insight from members of our community is immensely valuable to us. To send your suggestion, just go to our feedback form and enter a description of the feature you’d like us to create:


As further communication will not change the outcome of this case, we must respectfully disengage from further discussion.

Kind Regards,




Dear glorija I may as well have talked to the wall as you, as you’re totally biased towards a guest, and only ever interested in the money. Complete BOLLOCKS is all I can say, and we’ll be leaving at the earliest opportunity. VERY unhappy with your ‘here to help’ -my arse!




This isn’t a case review, it’s a whitewash. Never did you once ask for additional witness evidence, and once still has to answer the question -what would you do if threatened in your own home -according to airbnb you just need to accept it and then you get paid. And still their feedback (which breaks airbnb’s rules) remains online. SO unfair, and just what I and many other hosts have come to expect from your company. Miserable excuse for a review. You should feel ashamed to work for such a bunch of crooks!

Shame on you

23 FEBRUARY 2019




#goodbye #thanksfornothing #airbnbollocks

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Never had to call police on guests, we had to carefully remove this lot -but without physical contact -so no charges of assault could be leveled!



My question was to airbbms who said they had.


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