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Aggressive guests asked to leave- our airbnb experience


Wow, what a BS response from Air. So they checked in, they verbally abused you and used your spa yet since they did not spend the night you do not get paid?

So I guess if someone shows up with a dog and I refuse entry I do not get paid? Did they bother to send you the exact verbiage in the TOS that spells this out? I doubt it.

This sucks for all of us.


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Dear RiverRockRetreat, my thoughts exactly, and since their drunken and aggressive/ threatening behaviour was witnessed by a retired policeman (who airbnbollocks didn’t even have the courtesy to talk to); they essentially took the drunken guests word over ours and not only gave them ALL their money back, but also allowed them to leave the worst feedback we’ve ever had, which has practically destroyed our business in one go!

Airbnbollocks have never had the courtesy to explain either their terms or what they would have done had they had a violent person under their own roof. ANY normal person would have done just what we did and insist they left before they did any more damage, such as setting the house on fire…

On a positive note we 're now in the process of going with a better agent, who although they take a larger %, they will support you as a host all the way to the hilt! Proof will be in the pudding, but I wouldn’t piss on airbnbollocks if they were on fire these days -despite them bringing in a reasonable income during the last 12 months!



In most countries @airbbms , quite rightly, the police wouldn’t help you evict a guest. You are running a business and if you want a guest to leave it’s a civil matter unless you have a guest who is being violent towards you or exhibiting other criminal behaviour.

What a waste of precious police resources for hosts to call the police to evict their guests - their time and efforts should be focussed on criminal activity.



This is why we never involved the police, just a friend who was visiting who’s a retired police officer and therefore a reliable witness to the threats of violence from our guests towards us!



Please keep us posted on how it goes with the new platform. This forum isn’t limited to Airbnb hosts and you’re always welcome here.


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