Aggressive and rude young mother

A single note of caution - don’t shoot the messenger.

They may have been traveling for a very long time, exhausted, and with a baby. No chance to clean up.

My mother went 36 hours without a nappy change for my sister when we came to Canada.

Okay, they were rude and filthy. But is there a remote chance this was a one time thing?


@Yana @justMandi I was a single mom with 3 kids. Sorry, but “harried mom” is no excuse for rude and disrespectful behavior. It would never have occurred to me that it was okay to lay a poop-soaked baby down on clean linens. Especially linens that didn’t belong to me.


Russian women can be very direct. They aren’t given to flowery prose or our Western mores of politeness. All I am gently suggesting is the possibility of mitigating factors, that’s all.

In the blessed 2 weeks we are given to review a guest, the best advice got here was to back out the emotion and state the facts, perhaps with a little compassion.


I don’t understand reviews from another language (or maybe it is based on language of location) not even displaying…that doesn’t seem right. I have always just seen them moved to the bottom of the last page pf reviews. Are you sure they don’t show up at all?

regardless they should not have put a poopy soak through accident onto a clean bed…

And on bedding that she knew SHE was going to be sleeping in that night!! Just stupid…

They definitely show up. They are just at the bottom of the list if the guest isn’t also coming from the same place.

It’s not language, it’s country. The reviews from my British guests also go to the bottom.


I know MINE do, and those for many others I have looked at, but since she states hers don’t I was asking for clarification.

I think it is. Poop washes off very easily.

People make mistakes especially under stress. It doesn’t mean they are stupid …tired… stressed out …overhwelmed. Travel is hard …with babies it’s 100 times harder .

OK, fair point. But ridiculous regardless of the reason.

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Oh well…

Good to know where the reviews display

As a matter of fact, they checked out of their first Airbnb (which is no more than 15 minutes’ walk from my place) at 11.30am. But as they had a lot of luggage, they couldn’t walk with them. They sent me a message asking me to order un Uber for them. When I asked them to order one by themselves as Uber uses local geolocalisation, they sent me two screen shots of their location, one in Russian and the other one in French, so I know that their Uber ride didn’t take more than 5 minutes.

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Every review displays regardless of its language origin. They can be displayed in different languages.

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So did you look and see them or are they still not showing?

I have let quite a lot of families with babies dropping off their bags early, all those who have changed their babies used a changing mat like I did when my 2 kids were babies. Accidents like this are easily avoidable. The young mother told me that she had a mat but she didn’t know in which suitcase. I think she was stressed out because she was disorganised. Her husband was searching in all the 3 suitcases before finding the nappies. The pull-up nappies they use for their big baby are far too small and can be prone to leaking, which is extremely stressful.

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The announcement was that they were considering doing this. Have never seen it happen, including hosts asking for it on the community chat boards.


I had to bring the impermeable mattress cover back home to hand wash the stinky stain first before putting it in the washing machine. That morning in my airbnb, I had already washed 4 fitted sheets, 4 pillow cases, 4 bathtowels, 2 bathmats, 2 tea towels and a few hand towels. There were no more free lines to hang dry the mattress cover…

Maybe I was lucky, my 2 babies were never hard to take care of. We went on holiday every summer and winter. My son was 3 months when we travelled with him and my daughter 2 months. Babies are actually very easy when compared with teenagers.

Don’t you have baby stuff for your guests? I would have thought that a changing mat would be an essential to provide to prevent damage to furnishings, rugs etc.


I have many amenities for baby but as the apartment is small, I keep them in the basement because the majority of guests don’t come with babies. I bring themup when I’ve finished cleaning and preparing after the check-out of the previous guests.

The young mother didn’t ask for anything to put under her baby. When I handed her a bathtowel telling her that she should put a mat under the baby, she even asked me not to worry because she was very careful. It’s the first mother who has changed her baby on the bed. The others changed theirs on the coffee table or even on the floor, but always with a mat under their babies.

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