Advice please on spanking guests!

I have an 8 night booking (we’re 3 nights in) for my studio apartment which is separate from my house but right next to it. It’s summer here and so all windows and doors are open. This couple, who seem pleasant enough, are into - I don’t know what, spanking/whipping with her accompanying loud moans/cries. It’s not quite 8 pm at the moment and they’re going at it. The other night it was around midnight. It goes on for a while…In a few days I have another couple arriving staying in a room in the house. I’m horrified at the thought of what might be going on that everyone can hear, never mind my neighbours. Can I say anything, delicately? I personally find it awful, not being one of those who get off on others sex noises! This is a residential neighbourhood so reasonably quiet once evening falls. Constructive comment appreciated!

Perhaps mention that sound travels and you just wanted to make sure that any noise you make is not disturbing them?


I never understand why people who enjoy making noise like that don’t book a completely separate place.

I think you will just have to take the bull by the horns and have a chat. Mention, that they might not realise but with it being summertime with windows and doors open noise carries including from the studio apartment to the main house.

That you would appreciate it if they could take this into account in terms of any night-tme activities


As ever, a perfect, sensible response from Helsi. You might add that you have additional guests coming to stay too. They might then reflect on their activities a bit more, as they don’t seem to mind you having to hear. I had a lodger years ago, with a boyfriend staying for the odd weekend. We were frequently treated to the cries of “Oh my Captain, oh my Captain”. I have to say it cracked us up with laughter!


In the other thread Yana had the perfect answer to this.

This is a family home and sound carries, so we ask that you keep your noise discrete.

Overt S&M activity in someone’s home would be COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE to me. I would seriously tell them this is not the place. If you want to do something like this you need to find another Airbnb. One with a dungeon.

Then I would call Air to cancel it.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people? Just when you thought you’ve heard everything.


BDSM… and exhibitionism.

I’d ask them to cancel the rest of their stay and if they don’t I’d call Airbnb. You can’t control what they do and with another couple arriving I wouldn’t take any chances.

Also…when I read the title I was going to advise against spanking your guests thinking I was going to be funny. But it’s closer to my joke than what I thought it was going to be. (I thought it was going to be about guests spanking their children)


Are there any Dungeons listed on AirBnB? I think I have seen a Castle.


‘heard everything’ …see what you did there @konacoconutz :blush:


I’m grateful for your support and suggestions. It’s not always easy as a single female host in these situations. Today I will formulate a message which I will send over Airbnb chat so it’s on record.


@konacoconutz -
"…you need to find another Airbnb. One with a dungeon." … :grin:

@KKC -
"…I was going to advise against spanking your guests…" … :joy:


If you can dream it, it probably exists. If you can’t find one on airbnb there’s this

In general, people who are kinky aren’t shy about discussing sex. I don’t think you need to resort to the subterfuge that other posters are suggesting: ask them if you are making too much noise. Just tell them that you can hear them having sex and request that they close the doors and windows.

That said, I find the judgement of kinky sex on this thread disheartening. As long as everyone involved is a consenting adult and there is no mess left behind who are we to judge others’ bedroom activities?


Personally I wouldn’t message the guest first. I would speak to the one who booked in a positive, non confrontational way.

You can then follow it up with a message.


I had guests who were super nice check in and proceed to have sex so loud during the three days they were here, it woke up the whole street. I am not opposed to sex :laughing::grinning::joy: but I am opposed to people being RUDE… I felt what they were doing was disrespectful and just a big show… and as I wrote at the time, I never hear guests having loud sex because I am upstairs.

No matter what guests are doing… talking on speaker at 6am, slamming doors or otherwise exhibiting loud behavior, it is just plain rude to be loud.

I think that is what the BSDM guests were doing. They were well aware they could be heard. They just wanted to make sure Glad’s place turned 50 shades of gray. :joy:


That could be true, but maybe not. Decades ago, I lived in Topanga Canyon (a rural part of Los Angeles) on a two acre property. I got used to not worrying about how much noise I was making. It was a big adjustment when I moved to a house where the neighbors are one driveway away. I’m sure I irritated the hell out of some of my neighbors when I first moved to the suburbs.

Also, most of the people I know who are into BDSM usually have sex in soundproofed rooms, so they may be unaware of how sound carries.

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Also known as suburban dungeons!! :laughing::laughing:


Yep. We have a delightful regular guest who visits to, as she calls it, “session” with her dominatrix. The dominatrix’s dungeon is close to our house (close by Los Angeles standards). I told our guest that if I were into S&M I would be the grammar dominatrix and she would be punished for using session as a verb.


Bahahahahahahha. The forum is cracking me up this morning.

Confession… I once followed the blog of one Mistress Matisse of Seattle. Not because I am into it :laughing: But because she was interesting and well spoken. Wonder whatever happened to her? :laughing::laughing:

After much deliberation and careful consideration of all of your comments/suggestions, this is what I’ve sent:
Morning X
It’s embarrassingly painful to have to mention how sound carries, especially being summer with all windows open. Maybe you’re unaware? Please bear this in mind with your nocturnal activities, be discreet and close your windows and blinds. You’ve chosen to stay in a private family home and neighbourhood and there are other guests coming to stay in the main house all through Xmas. I appreciate your cooperation.
On a brighter note, would you like a sheet or towel change or are you ok?


I’m so sorry you’ve been made to feel uncomfortable in your own home. What, if anything, are you going to say about the noise in your review? I would not want to host this couple.