Advice on keyless entry needed

Hello everyone! I’m new to the forum and in the process of setting up my first AirBnb, which I’m really excited to do. We are doing a good amount of renovation and decorating now and I plan to begin listing in January 2020, as my place is largely going to be a seasonal (summer and shoulder) rental.

I want to include keypad entry on the house, but need to find a keyless system that allows for multiple keypad codes and tracks when the door is locked and unlocked based on the codes used. This is because this is not only a remote location–so cleaners, maintenance, etc will use it as well as tenants–but also because I’m in a legal situation where I need to rent to free to a relative six weeks of the year, and I need to be able to document if they are actually using the weeks they request (or, heaven forbid, trying to show up when they’re not entitled to use the house).

If anyone can suggest a lock that tracks when codes are entered, I’d really appreciate it. I’ve been googling around and am having trouble finding anything, but I believe systems like this exist, as my old apartment building had a similar system, but with key fobs.

Thanks in advance!

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Ah! Welcome! I do NOT have keyless entry because of my kind of door, but I think you will get a lot of advice on this topic. Schlage is one of the first I know of with the features you describe, but I think there has been a LOT of players in this market in the last three years or so.

Also, if you search the forum for keyless entry you may find a few recent threads.


I use the Schlage smart locks. They have all the features you are looking for. With these locks and other products, I can manage my property remotely from anywhere with internet from my iPhone. Also these locks work with the Schlage app, Apple Home app, Wink Hub app, and etc.


I’m sure there are many choices. We use Lockstate keyless locks. The software interfaces seamlessly with Airbnb software. It does exactly what you said—reports to your phone about every lock and unlock, including the name of the guest who unlocks. It also reports to your phone when the battery in each lock is getting low.

The software randomly assigns a 4-digit code to each guest. I edit the codes to make them the last four of the guest’s cell.

If a reservation gets canceled, Lockstate automatically removes the lock authorization. If a reservation gets extended (or dates otherwise change), Lockstate updates automatically.

In addition, we have assigned permanent codes to people whom we want to have access (our housekeeper and assistant, for example).

I do have to ask: You said:

“a seasonal (summer and shoulder) rental”

What is a “shoulder” rental? :slight_smile:

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I’ll chime in–“shoulder” is the month before and after summer, wherever you are. Where I am (US) in most areas it’s May and September.


Thanks so far for all the advice, everyone.

Does anyone know if any of these locks alert you in a more documentable way of entries/exits? I would love something I can aggregate or get by email in addition to phone records.

Thanks in advance!

@rebeccaf Shoulder seasons are those months that aren’t quite the season for the rental, but when people might still rent. For me that’s September through mid-October and early-mid May for my summer rental.

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Lockstate locks send a digest email to us weekly. We could probably specify individual emails, but they’d drive us nuts if we received those.

Note that the lock registers who is entering and leaving only if the person enters the code. That means it registers every unlock from the outside. However, because we have no keypad on the insides of our doors, the locks don’t register who unlocked from the inside. It might be possible to have keypads on both sides, but I would consider that a security problem. In an emergency, people would need to exit immediately, without entering a code.

Yale makes a lock that I have seen used in my area by a large rental company. They are able to change the codes remotely, have on for cleaners etc, and tells them when someone has checked out. If you want to msg me, I can give you the name of the rental company and they might be able to give more information on their setup. Good luck!

I use Schlage locks w/ the Wink controller. It does all of the things you’re looking for and I love it! Each of my cleaners has their own code, my maintenance guy has his own code. You can remote lock and unlock the doors. You can see when each code was used and add/delete codes remotely. Ours has an alarm function, but I’ve never used it. For your relatives, you can enter a code that can only be used during the 6 week period w/ no access allowed at other times.

For codes, I use the last two digits of the mobile phone and repeat it. Most folks use the last 4 digits, but it’s not so easy for others in the party to remember that. I also give the guest the option for their own code. If staying w/ kids, they generally request the garage code they have at home.

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I have a Schlage smart keypad lock and I love it. Easy to set up and you can schedule codes for particular days so you can program them in advance, or you can program it through your phone for last minute stays. Sends me a notification anytime the doors are locked or unlocked, and keeps a history in the Schlage app.

They were not cheap but I was so happy I had bought them after one group of guests that I suspect may have had a few drinks. They arrived back at the house at 1 AM and entered the wrong code three times in a row, locking themselves out. They messaged me and I was able to hit the unlock button on my phone to let them in. Did not even need to get out of bed to help them out. Absolutely worth it in my opinion.


Other companies that provide remote deadbolt systems are Kwickset , Lockitron, RemoteLock, PIN Genie, August, Igloohome, Toor, and VaultLOCKS.

I have just started research on the subject and have not decided which model I want, so I hope to hear some feedback on any of them.

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Ours are all from RemoteLock. Excellent.

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