Advice Needed: Pushy and Demanding Guest. How to handle?

Hi Forum,

I am looking for advice for how to handle a pushy guest. This guest is checking in tomorrow. It is a group of 4 people, apparently business colleagues, although the guest said they are driving all night from Las Vegas to San Francisco, which seems odd for a business group.

Anyway, here is the rundown of demands so far.

  1. First instance is he asked for the exact address of my home prior to booking. I told him no, and repeated the same general area info that appears on my listing page.

  2. Second instance he asked for an “early morning” check in. I told him he would have to book the previous night if he needed to check in that early. My check in time is 4pm, but I said he can come at 2pm if needed. No earlier.

  3. Third instance he asked if he can come at 10am, because he’s driving all night. I’ve already told him “no” clearly. He says he uses airbnb all the time, and hosts always let him check in that early. I told him no again, and restated that the house will not be ready until 2pm

  4. Fourth instance he asked if he can just access 1 room at 10am, so he can nap for a few hours. I said no, again. I restated that the house will be ready at 2pm. I explained that 2pm is already pushing it, as my usual check in time is 4pm. I said that my cleaners simply cannot have it ready earlier. I told him that I would text him as soon as it was ready.

The guy hasn’t even checked in, and he’s already gotten on my last nerve.

What should I do? Should I call airbnb and tell them I feel uncomfortable with this pushy guest? Advice?


I know that dread you’re feeling. I hate to say it, but I don’t think Air is going to give you any help with this since the person hasn’t checked in yet. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think you’ll have to wait and see how it goes when he does show and make a decision then.

How long will he be staying? If it’s a day or 2 I’d just hang with it. Does he have reviews?

Thanks J! He has 1 very short review along the lines of “He was a great guest!”. He is staying for 3 nights.

Two would be better, but you can put up with him for 3 I’m sure. A week? That would be awful IF he turned out to be a jerk, which he probably isn’t. I can understand his wanting to get in asap because he’ll be a tired mess. So he’s just going to have to sleep in his car in a parking lot somewhere or else pay a few more bucks and book the previous day.

It depends on whether or not you want his money.

If you want his money, calmly repeat to him that early check-in isn’t possible each time he asks.

If you’re not so concerned about getting his money, then if he brings it up again (hopefully this conversation has taken place through Airbnb), call Airbnb and tell them the guest is making you uncomfortable and disregarding your check-in hours (see if they’ll cancel the booking without it showing up on your reviews or affecting Superhost).

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I thought you could get Air to cancel if you felt uncomfortable with a guest before arrival. Call and try?


Seems like he/they is trying to violate your terms already before checking in – wanting address before booking, and wanting to violate check-in. That should be grounds enough for Air to terminate the ‘contract’ right there.

As mentioned, I hope ALL of your communication with him has been through the Air messaging system, so you have ‘official’ documentation.

If the car load shows up before 4 PM, don’t answer the door. Don’t acknowledge that they are out there. You’ve already stated that check-in is at 4pm. Don’t try to explain.

The fellow is pushy no doubt, but sounds like a business person (actually 4) on a mission; to get there as soon as possible and have a place to do crash. Trying to check in at 10am is a bit absurd of course, especially when he is supposedly coming with 3 more but only one needs to nap? Wanting to do so before 4pm (which is exceptionally late) is understandable.

If nothing else going on and need the money, why not. Its not like you have any trouble saying no, which you will need to with this type of guest it appears.

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If he shows up early, I would have your cleaners call you.

Then be very firm and clear with him, and tell him you suggested he book the previous day, but he chose not to book it, and he is now being disrespectful to your staff by arriving before 2 p.m. I would also ask him if everyone in the group has read your house rules. And if they haven’t then they need to do so, and confirm once they all have read them. These types you have to treat like little children. And let him know that he is responsible for the behavior of all the other guests (possible damage claims)…so it’s in his best interest to be sure everyone understands the rules.

If he gives push back, then suggest he can cancel if he wishes (of course no refund given), as his behavior makes you nervous of how your home will be treated. There’s just no way to tiptoe around these types.

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If the previous night is available (which is implied) I’d let him in early. I rarely get last minute guests and if the guest was arriving tomorrow, and I had no-one in tonight, then I see no reason why not to. But that’s just me…

If a guest asks me for an early check in, I always let them, if possible. If the apartment is sitting empty I see no reason why not to. Mind you, I do the cleaning myself (as soon as guests check out) so I’m not dependent on a cleaner’s schedule.

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I do exactly as you do @jaquo. They have a certain need, if it’s important to them and can be accommodated easily at no extra costs, why not? If costly, pass on the cost.

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Yep, it’s no skin off my nose if they want early access. There’s no point them hanging about in Starbucks waiting until 4 pm when I have an empty and ready apartment just sitting there.

Plus, I quite like it when guests are early, as long as I can accommodate the early request - that way, I have done the meet-and-greet and my Airbnb work is done for the day and i can get on with other things.

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Same. I get asked this all the time, could we go to island earlier than 1pm. If the previous guests leave early (common for them to leave 7am-8am to catch flight out), then can make check-in at 10am.

I have many guests who leave early in the morning to catch flights so I can have the apartment ready by noon. And I get guests who are arriving late in the evening so in that instance, it’s lovely to be able to tell the current guests that they can have a leisurely check out. Nice bonus for the guest, good review for me :wink:

I once wrote to a guest who insisted to come at 10 am also,: "sure you can, but i dont think a woman that is in your room right now will like the fact that you 2 will be sharing her bed.
He said, o, i did not realize you have a guest there. I said, did you think i only rent that room to you, and not to others? He finally realised the situation and said sorry.


What ended up happening?

Hi all,

The issue is that the house was not ready- my cleaners couldn’t come until 11am today. Besides, I had already accommodated him by promising he could check in 2 hours early.

If the house is available and ready, I don’t mind a “reasonably” early check in- an hour or 2 is fine. But if guests want to come at 10am, they need to book the night before. That is my policy. I have a large house and can have up to 15 guests staying. If they are all using the gas, electricity, and water for an extra 1/2 day, the costs add up.


15 guests? My goodness! My city doesn’t allow that. My body would collapse making so many beds and cleaning that many sheets. you are a strong strong person.

Yes! You and I have the same kind of set-up. I’m the cleaner and greeter, so it’s nice to get it out of the way early if I can. However I’m not in that situation tonight. It’s almost 9:30 and she’s not shown up yet but did text. I don’t mind except that it’s hard to see my place from the street so I don’t like getting out of bed to go fetch them on the street because they’re lost.


My place is a little tucked away and many of my guests had a hard time finding me, until I added this to my welcome email: I am almost at the end, just before the last round-about. If you find yourself at xxx Park, you’ve gone a tad too far west. On the left (south) side of the road, you will see xxx address, which has two light yellow two-story buildings that look like older motels (now apartments). Drive through their parking lot and you will see xxx address in the back – brown townhomes built in the '70’s. Park in front of the brown townhomes on the left (the parking is NOT assigned so take any spot). Take the path to the left, which is between the townhomes and a little cottage. My unit is all the way to the left (east) in the south row of townhouses – #x. It helps to look at (rhymes with) Moogle Earth before you arrive as it will all make more sense. (The Airbnb bots hide web site names).