Advice Needed: Pushy and Demanding Guest. How to handle?

Wow! Sounds like a scavenger hunt! lol For English speakers it would be fine I’m sure. I actually do have some instructions about finding my house, but again, many guests don’t read them. I also get a lot of guests with very limited English.

Two nights ago I got a call from Bella, a Japanese girl. Her English was very limited. She was at the market across the street, almost in tears I could tell. I could hear someone in the background trying to help her. I walked over and lead her back to my place and got her calmed down. I could see that situation coming so I’d sent her very simple texts along with pics of the front of the house. But she didn’t get any of them because her cell phone wasn’t working. Too funny.

So they came at 2pm? Have they been respectful and pleasant since then?

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It is important for future hosts that you don’t give in to this guest. You answered his query politely and made some concession on the arrival time. Just as there is nothing wrong with a small child asking if they can have sweets or a chocolate when at the supermarket it becomes a problem if you give into constant nagging and they learn that this works and start acting up the next time they don’t get their way. Your guest sounds like a recent newbie and needs to be trained to respect host’s rules and not try to get around them by constant nagging. Think of all his future hosts!

Hi all!

A little update on this guest. He left the house a mess! We have a strict no smoking policy, but he left 4 empty cigarette boxes in the trash cab, and tons of cigarette butts. They must have smoked outside because I didn’t sMell anything.

He also left the back door open and all the lights on in the house.

I am definitely writing a strongly worded review of this guy. Absolutely no respect for me or my house rules. Good grief, and good riddence.


Hi all!

I took this groups advice and am waiting until the last minute to leave a bad review. I have two days left, and I want some feedback before I submit the review. Here is what I am planning to say:


XX booked my house for a 3 night work trip. I had several issues with this group, and unfortunately do not recommend him as a guest.

Private Feedback:

"Its always hard to write poor feedback, but I wanted to let you know a little bit about why I cannot recommend you to other hosts.

I found 4 empty cigarette cartons and many cigarette butts in the kitchen trash after you left. I clearly state that I don’t host smokers and that smoking is not allowed on my property.

I also did not appreciate that you kept asking for a morning check in. I had to tell you four times that 2pm was the earliest I could accommodate.

Additionally, you left the back sliding door wide open when you were out on Saturday. The open sliding door could be seen from the front porch. Also, when you checked out, most of the lights were on in the house.

In the future when you book with Airbnb, please pay attention to the house rules regarding smoking. Make sure you explain the smoking rules to the entire group so everyone knows that smoking is not allowed. Close and lock all the doors and turn off the lights when you leave. Also, it’s fine to ask for an early check in, but please respect the host’s answer and do not repeatedly ask to be accommodated for an earlier arrival time."


I think you have written very clearly and succinctly. The only thing I might recommend is add to the public review that there were multiple instances of breaking the house rules. I think that has a higher priority to other hosts than unspecified issues.


Beautifully written. You were to the point and gave a good anecdotal account of what happened.

I don’t think your guest is going to care one bit about your private feedback. He did not care to keep trying to push his way in early, and didn’t want to take no for an answer. He is going to just brush off and chuckle at your private feedback. Earlier you mentioned he left the house a mess. This is what I would write:

“I cannot recommend XXXXX. My house rules state that no smoking is allowed inside or outside the property. I found evidence that people had smoked at my property. XXXXX did not follow the check out list, and left the place a mess. One door was left wide open upon departure.”

I wouldn’t even bother with trying to educate him to not pester about early check in


Yes… why not post this exact phrasing in the public feedback? Private feedback is wasted on the ignorant anyway.

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