Advertising only site needed!

For the last 15 years, I’ve used Flipkey, then Homeaway, then VRBO and finally Trip Advisor to advertise my property. Additionally I have a decent web page which finds the occasional guest. I’ve always done my own property management as well as collecting rental payments myself. In 2017, Trip Advisor raised their yearly subscription rate from $499 to $699, I paid it. This year they raised their rate again to $799, I have let my subscription expire. Obviously they want me to switch to a service where they do my money management and collect a fee, but I don’t want or need this service.

I called VRBO and was told that now they only list advertising where they collect the rents. So I guess what I’m looking for is a popular site where I can advertise, then handle both finances and property management myself. Of course I’d like a site that charges a more reasonable rate. Does anyone have recommendations?

I should probably add that due to restrictive Tucson laws, I only can rent the property for periods of 30 days or more. This tends to appeal to retirees, particularly during the colder months up north.

Thanks, Bill

I think it depends on your property and location @MrBill

For example there are some letting companies that specialise in boats or a particularly geographical area.

Have you tried one of the big international companies like Owners Abroad?

Hello Helsi,

The house might appeal to those interested in a desert location or bird watchers. As far as overseas tenants, I’ve had only 2 inquiries over the years, but neither was interested when I told them there was a minimum rental of 30 days.

Welcome, MrBill! Ohhhhh, Nooooo! (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

What are the downsides of letting one of the big companies you already mentioned collect your payments if you raise your rates to cover their fees?

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Booking, Expedia and many others offer this.

But booking would be your best choice.
They let you do everything yourself, so no hands in your pocket like VRBO or AirBnB.

In the US Craigslist seems to be good. But other countries have similar marketplaces.

And look for Facebook groups with interest that fit you listing. I am member of several and they deliver some good guests. i wouldn’t use craiglist. all kind of people there. not all of them are good. they might destroy your home. if you do go craiglist you have to check them like you would a long term tenant, with background check, employment etc… my 2 cents

I’ve read many posts where landlords and tenants have had a LOT of trouble making dollar adjustments. Additionally, I don’t trust them!

Booking, Expedia and many others offer this.<<<

I’ve just spent the last hour exploring Booking trying to see how to set this up, found nothing on the topic. But then my current Booking ID and PW are as a tenant seeking decent rates on a cross country trip.

Can someone provide information to get me started. Note that I will register as a new landlord if needed.


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