Advertising a service suited to Airbnb Hosts

Hi There,

I am an Airbnb Host and I have recently discovered a way to maximise earnings if you are into renting out your property. This insight came about from a guest that stayed at mine and I have since decided to develop this idea that I believe will benefit airbnb hosts.

What is my best method of advertising to target Airbnb Hosts in my area? (Birmingham, UK).

My initial thought was Facebook, but I have found it to be a bit tricky.

Where and how else can i find and target Airbnb Hosts?

You can try forums and massage boards as well as FB.

But from my experience, there’s nowhere where you can get a list of hosts if that’s what you’re after. I was a part of company who had a new product for hosts and they had the same issue. Getting a hold of them.

Is your idea work for the US as well? OR only for UK?

Most forums aren’t keen on being a bulletin board for advertising services. When people do that here they are automatically deleted.

What is it @MannyHost ?

It’s also possible that someone else has already discovered this and has first mover advantage. “Targeting Airbnb hosts” is a surprisingly crowded area already.

How did the company you was part of solve this issue?

And the idea can be applied to the US too

If the first mover advantage was real then Google, Facebook, Lyft etc. wouldn’t exist today

Hi Helsi,

I am still pilot testing and I need a few early adopter to trial it

They didn’t. They had to advertise to the masses. The ways they did have in mind were VERY expensive.

I agree that is a very expensive route to go down. I am still trying different alternatives

Unless forums don’t have moderation you will run into some resistance.
I would imagine you need to invest in some real marketing for your product, not post about it on random forums.

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It also depends on the idea (the advertisement strategy). You can find your crowed from a different angle perhaps.

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There are plenty of first mover market dominiators. That doesn’t mean you can’t make money too. The point isn’t about first mover, just saying there are a lot of people who have ideas about ways to “maximise earnings if you are into renting out your property.”

Good luck. I hope you are the next Mark Zuckerberg.

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There are dominators yes but if the market is big enough there’s room for different solutions as long as it is an improvement

Yep. Please come back once you’ve developed and tested your idea. We’re always looking to improve which is why most of us ended up on this forum.

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Trial what @MannyHost ?

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Thank you very much, I will keep you all posted

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Well said! Thanks Cabin!

You raised some great points that I will definately take onboard. But with my service I will be letting homeowners keep 100% of their earnings.

However I need to conduct trials before I can roll it out.

Thanks for the feedback

I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a local hosts group in Birmingham have you looked on FB or Google searched to find them?