Advertise to AirBnb guests

I have a dry cleaning and laundry service and want to advertise to AirBnb guests in my local area. I offer a same–day service which I think should be attractive to AirBnb guests.

I’d like to advertise to people staying in AirBnb accommodation within say, 2km of where my shop is located. I already advertise with Google Ads and Facebook, however they don’t let me target the ads very well. For example, Google’s smallest search radius is 5 km, which is way too big for this type of service, and unreliable. Often ads are presented for businesses a long way away simply because of how Google’s ads work—if your monthly budget isn’t being spent, they just present your ad more often to get clicks until it is. Sometimes my business is well down in search results simply because my budget is spent, even if people search for my business by exact name and location.

I have read other posts on advertising services to AirBnb hosts, but that isn’t my target market. I could advertise to hosts if I was offering, say, a spotters fee or commission. However the margins are pretty small already and adding commission would either not make it profitable or too expensive for users to consider.

I guess what I’m looking for is something like a “services in your local area” section of AirBnb where businesses can pay to advertise at a flat fee rather than the competitive bidding system of Google, which makes a lot of money for Google but really isn’t that great for either advertisers or searchers.

Maybe contact hosts first, offer laundry services to the hosts and ask them to leave business cards for the guests…

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Only Airbnb can help you with that. Honestly, it seems like something they would want since they could generate ad revenue while also providing a service for guests. Similar to the paper guidebooks you find in hotels. However, I expect it would be difficult to connect with the right person to discuss it and if it’s not already planned, it could take years to implement.

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Many Airbnb also list through a local agent - check with the ones close to you?

Curious how/where would you go about contacting hosts in a fair not sneaky way? I have a software business (a one click website creator for airbnb hosts, won’t shill my link here) and been focused mostly on product up until now, I will be focusing on marketing from now on and testing options.

I think services to guests is low margin compared to house rentals and tours, don’t see ABB implementing this anytime soon.

And if you do it will probably be flagged and deleted.


Maybe take out an ad in a local newspaper- direct it towards Airbnb hosts, saying you’d like to provide laundry services to their guests if they don’t allow guests to do laundry at the listing. Hosts often have brochures and business cards of local services, restaurants, massage therapists, etc. for their guests.

Most of your advice is great but um…local newspaper? Even the 2 folks I know who read local papers don’t read the ads. They read the obituaries. LOL.


I think you should book a night at all the hosts you want to contact and sell them your 1 click website creator thingy, I am sure it will pay for itself.’


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Yes please don’t spam the forum @sitebnb

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I somewhat disagree with this. Actually, the hosts are likely your target market. Why? Because they are the ones creating their welcome books/local guidebooks, etc. for their guests.

I write about local businesses all the time and send this info to my guests after booking. I am always happy to support a local business while simultaneously being helpful to my guests.

I would try to find some local short term rental Facebook groups. Some are happy to allow advertising of local business. For example, I am part of an Asheville NC vacation rental owner group and it allows all owners to advertise openings, travelers to make posts looking for certain dates and asking who has a place available, and also allows local businesses to advertise. This is helpful to both traveler and hosts. And travelers who follow the page will learn of your services. Some hosts who read about your services will add your info to their guidebook section.

You just have to seek out the groups and read the rules first.

If you think there is a need for this, then others hosts also know there is a need. But ask yourself why they wouldn’t know about your services anyway? Many of us get questions all the time about places/recommendations, etc.


Adding on to @muddy’s comment - if you can find these local groups in your area, then you could also ask the admin of the FB group if it’s okay to post that you would be willing to mail out business cards for Short term rental hosts in the area so they can leave for guests.

Don’t limit yourself to short term rental groups though. If possible, join some local area groups. One in my area allows all small business owners to advertise. And many posts are locals asking for recommendations. It’s in essence a group for locals to be able to post about general questions and of course your business may be a solution for their needs.

Some local yard sale FB groups also operate the same way. It’s not just a group about posting what you are selling in your basement. They all ask for local recommendations.

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