Adults-but- no signed child

Hello all, I have 4 bed’s apartament , I got reservation of 4 adults , but they arrived with child that I didnt have idea about. The child is cca 6-8 years old, what to do now? Ask them to pay for that child or let it be? Please I really need a advise. Thank you Tina

Have them pay extra!

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Do you allow children?
From what age?

Chris, how much of the full price, because he dont have a extra bed?

All children, but everybody since know to put them to reservation as well…

Dont you have an extra person fee?

Not having a bed is not your problem, they arrive with more than they booked.
If they do not want to pay, refuse them.

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Tina, I hope you are getting this sorted as I write. I think the issue is bringing in a child without booking for it. No bed is not your problem. I would charge your extra person fee if you have one. If they refuse to pay, ask them to leave and call Airbnb. Their behaviour is awful in terms of trying to dupe you.

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there was twice full booked with infant, so there were a little fee for that, but I dont know, how to do this gently…?

Hello Joan, thank you , it feel bad in my stomag, it is really little child, but I feel that shell be make gently but to have to be dann…

ohhh Joan, they booked for two day’s, so today they started 2nd day, shell I just send requier money, and go to talk to them? or just send it with no talking? Because if I saw the child yesterday, and make a coment that they didnt make any reservation for child, she didnt make a reaction…

Sorry, I thought they had just arrived. If they have already spent one night, and you have addressed the issue with them yesterday but she didn’t respond… I would send the request through with a message on the platform. Children cost money too! They use water, utilities, make a mess, increase cleaning. I would also call Air and tell them about this situation and what you are going to do; don’t ask for advice, just tell them.

Thank you Joan, I have little baby my self, so Im little soft I guess…Thank you ones again…!

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I would charge them. We’ve had the same situation a couple times. I did feel bad charging one family because they had some story about being in dire financial straits but at the end of the day Airbnb is how we pay our own bills. If they won’t pay, kick them out.

And again stupit dealing with sick in stomack! She answer that nobody on Iceland asked her for extra payment for her little child so she is sleeping in her bed, eating with her forck so no money extra in due!!! fuck, I hade if people do this!!! I living alone with little baby, they may stay one more night…I did give them just symbolick price for two days…here is no the money issyou but the fackt that they just dont tell that they traveling with child…airlines chirge me for infant flying and I have to hold my child on my legs…!
Why are people like this…?

Charge them. It doesn’t matter if the child is sleeping in her bed and it doesn’t matter if another host did not charge her. It’s up to you if let people bring kids for free, but we personally don’t. Kids can cause a lot of damage and mess in a house so we definitely charge and we did have informed people that they will be asked to leave if they won’t pay for their kids. One group paid and stayed and the other group left and was not refunded.

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Just wait until you find that freshly painted Picasso on the wall, that will be the moment you realize you should have charged more money :smile:. Been there, done that… Children never again :sweat_smile:.


And then the parents will refuse to pay for the damage.

You can also tell them that your insurance required all people, regardless or age, need to be on the reservation. Takes the burden off of you and places it on the insurance company.

I just had a guest book and then message me saying that she forgot to add their 3 kids to the reservation, but that they didn’t need beds, so not to worry. (I have a feeling she didn’t forget but that it would have made their party over the allowed number for my house.) I told her she had to change the reservation for a couple reasons. One is the extra person fee, which is not a ton, but it does cover the extra time I have to spend on laundry and cleaning. The second is for liability. If someone gets hurt or something damaged during their stay and a claim needs to be filed, we would get no coverage for someone who isn’t on the reservation.


Exactly, she is constantly repeed her self like Im the only one on all Iceland that I want charge her little girl, and no even museum charge for so little child, so as much she is sleeping with her bed, eating with hr=er forg, so is no money on due, by her explanation!

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