Adding a Pool to my AirBNB

So, we are planning a pool installation this spring and planning to rent the entire house during the installation time, but thinking of offering a discount because the guests will not have access to the backyard.
There is a street running behind the property where the pool contractors will gain access to the property so the front of the house and driveway will remain undisturbed.
The pool company will put up a 4-foot fence between the installation site and the house. I know what the fence looks like, it is a flimsy see-through fence that meets code.
Any thoughts on this, liability or otherwise? How much of a discount would you offer?
Should we consider putting up a more substantial fence?
Am I risking bad reviews, Even If I tell them up front?




I wouldn’t bother with a better fence. Add not safe for infants or children during the construction. Construction fences are notoriously easy to bypass.

You are risking bad reviews, although I don’t know how high the risk is. The contractors are going to be noisy and you won’t be able to specify what time they show up. If you have Instant Book, then it would probably help to turn it off for the dates in the construction window.

The amount of discount depends a lot on why guests would be booking your place during that time.

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You will have a huge hole in your backyard and people will be curious and be drawn to it. If they fall and get injured, they will sue you.

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Yes. No one wants to rent a place in a construction zone.


I’ve had guests during various construction / repair work and not given a discount but a gift card so that they can have dinner on me.

But there are several things to consider.

  • Most of our guests stay for, on average, three days. Three days isn’t too long to put up with daytime noise
  • We are in an area where most guests are out during the day
  • Our HOA demands that noisy / disruptive work can only happen between 9 and 5 Monday to Friday
  • Guests are always informed beforehand (our HOA also has a six weeks notice requirement) and guests are always informed in advance (except with emergency work in which case they are told as soon as I find out about it)

Even so, the liability aspect is still there. Our STR insurance states that as long as guests are aware in advance we are okay so you might want to check with your own broker.

I’ve forgotten if you’re on the spot. I find that I often have to police contractors who I make sure are aware of the rules here. Once I’ve told the guests that the work is 9 - 5 I have to make sure that contractors stick to it absolutely.

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Will the pool contractors need bathroom access?

No, they have water access from outside.

Water access… and a toilet?

Those are good suggestions. I am not in a HOA. I am still considering how to handle it since there will be a bobcat in the area. The are in not right up next to the house though so that might make a difference. It is set back about 20 feet. The project will be ongoing for about 6 weeks after permitting. I would want to make sure that the guests understood well beforehand what they were in for. The beach is 5 minutes away, so maybe that will work out.

@Victoria_Dolci, I bet this will be a nice upgrade for your place.

One thing to keep in mind: Weather can cause significant delays. I suggest letting guests know about this, even if they book further out than the six weeks estimated for the project. In fact, you might want to add this info to your listing until the construction is done.

You probably won’t experience anything like I did, but when the addition began for the room that would house our indoor pool, the first foundation pour for the pool was in November. The project required two foundation pours, and nothing else could happen until they were both done. The next pour took place in April. We had nothing but rain from November to April.

P.S. We love the addition and our indoor pool. It just required patience.


I have never had construction workers who were working outside of my house want to use my bathroom. They go to the nearest 7/11 or elsewhere.

Oddly enough, I have. During the addition construction and remodeling of my house, two guys from the foundation team asked, on different days, to use my bathroom. I said no and told them where the nearest public restroom was.