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Accuracy Ding for Amenity Not Even Listed


I have been dinged a star; I have an overall 5 star which is good, for lacking an amenity that isn’t even listed as one.

Guest knocked off a star under accuracy for not having air con. Why would it even be allowed for a guest to select that with proper programming? Surely, Airbnb could grey it out as it’s not listed anyway?

I called Airbnb and am awaiting their response.


It happens, forget it and move on. You are right that it shouldn’t be able to happen, but it does. We got dinged on accuracy a little while ago, because the place is actually better than the images suggest. Rest of review was 5* across the board. Annoying, but not worth spending a lot of time on it. Just my opinion of course.



Guests can do and will do things that aren’t rational or logic.
I got dinged a star because of missing an actual Espresso machine even though I offer 4 other ways of making coffee. People are id!ots sometimes and you just shrug it off and move on to the next.


If you’d had the espresso machine, they would have dinged you for not providing a barista to serve the lattes.


We were dinged twice for things that were in the description and the guests failed to read. It is very unfortunate but Airbnb does not care about host’s reputation they only care about the guests as they pay more. Our listing clearly states 3 flights of stairs to climb and we even messaged this to the guest before booking and yet we get dinged for accuracy saying there were stairs. It’s frustrating I know and I have battled Airbnb a few times but got nowhere. They will respond and say the guests did not violate their policies so there’s nothing they can do.


I got dinged for accuracy because of the constant roadworks going on in the area. Even though I told the guest up front that there was major construction and it would cause delays coming and going on their daily jaunts. And I provided accurate travel timeframes to and from the places they said they wanted to visit. smh…


Sounds heavenly! The elixir of life…


It is getting to the point that one may feel they have to state in their check out message: Please do not mark me down on Accuracy for things that are clearly stated as NOT included or issues that we discussed before you booked/arrived. Now I know this is not likely to happen, it is pretty much wasted breath/typing, but one sure feels like being this blunt at times.


How do I see why a guest rated my listing down for accuracy? I got a 4-star rating for accuracy once but never knew why. I know the mobile app shows “Compliments” for each review that I can’t see on the desktop website, but I don’t see any “criticisms” or whatever they might be called.


You will only see that if they actually bothered to put something for feedback concerning that rating. In my opinion, there should be no low ranking unless they are willing to expand as to why. Not bloody likely to happen though. :frowning:


Yeah got dinged for not providing robes…which did not appear on the listing.

There are million ways to improve your listing, this should not mean a million ways to get dinged

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