Account removal

Please remove my account, posts and email address. I tried to contact tom@airhostsforum but I got a bounce back. I am not interested in having an account here - I’ve only received negativity, nothing helpful or friendly. Thank you!!

I don’t believe you can delete your account. You can just choose to move on and not participate. Good Luck!

Hey not to be “negative” but you just joined 9 hours ago and have never participated at all (no questions, no answers, no contributions of any kind).


So how exactly have you “received negativity” when you have never asked anything?

Maybe you are having a really bad day but this forum has a ton of value. Are you even a host?


You only brought negativity.

You reaped what you sowed. You got honest feedback from hosts who don’t disdain our guests.

Don’t let the door hit ya in the caboose on the way out.


Oh she participated. She’s busy trying to mop up her mess but she made one.


@hostess1 I would suggest you do not leave, I think you need to be here. You needed to hear some of things you were told. There is a lot to learn from those who know more than us, @jaquo has probably forgotten more about hosting than I will ever learn.

Put on your alligator suit, you need thick skin around here. You need thick skin to be a host. Take the best and leave the rest.