How do I delee my Airhostsforum profile?

I’m done with Airbnb and I’m done with this forum.

I’m trying to delete my profile, but I cannot find out how.

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If you go into settings, you can manually delete all the details for your profile and hit “save”. That should leave it blank.


Once you create a profile it’s pretty much here forever. Even deleted posts can still be unearthed by moderators.

That’s a possible workaround, I’ll be curious to see if the system allows that. All the posts will remain however. Most people who ask for a deleted profile want all their posts to disappear and that’s what doesn’t happen. Even the forum owner can’t remove them. I think the forum name Joa can also be “anonymized.”

I tell my kiddo as she is learning social media: “Once you type something, it’s in cyberspace forever and will last to the end of time… Like Twinkies and Roaches.”

If you’re done, I’d just forget about us.


I tried it and it won’t work. You can’t have a blank user name.

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Or like GoodbyeSandy and BillyBobMerkowitz. (Inside joke for old timers)


What’s the big deal? Just go away and don’t post here any more. Why delete the profile?

Afraid I don’t get that one. I’m of the “Bye Felicia!!” group, but I’m getting there :yum:


Bye! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out:)


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