Accidentally posted a negative review on the Message guest platform

So, I normally use the mobile app on my phone to leave reviews and reply to questions etc, However stupidly this morning I used my pc and somehow confused the review/message platform. Ironically this was the 1st ever negative review I have given…and I messaged it directly to her lol. Called AirBnB and the lovely lady tried to remove it but couldn’t.

Cue really bad review of my place!

I advise not doing anything until sufficient coffee has entered the bloodstream. LOL.

Maybe you’ll get lucky and the guest won’t review you. Some guests don’t even reply to messages or seem to see the messages after the stay.

Let us know what ultimately happens.


:woman_facepalming: Oof. How many swears did you string together when you realized?


A lot of bad words followed by nervous laughter!:smirk:

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Soooooo stupid lol. Teach me to stray and use a PC :woman_facepalming:

Will update.

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If you sent it via a message, the guest will get an e-mail with a contents of the message, so deleting it from the message system wouldn’t prevent the guest from seeing it. You might get lucky and the guest will not bother to read anything from Airbnb after checkout. I’ve found that if a guest doesn’t leave me a review on the same day as checkout, there’s only a slim chance they leave a review at all, which means they ignore the reminders from Airbnb.

Can’t wait, but here’s hoping you don’t get a retaliatory review from the guest.

BTW, If the guest already left you a review, you need to post your review of the guest ASAP because that will prevent the guest from modifying their review of you.

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Oh, man. Well, at least you will only make that mistake once. You’re only human.

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@CarlaC Any update? Has the guest reviewed you yet or responded to your message?