A Third Party Booking....Kind Of?

I just got a request to book from a gentleman who begins his request stating that he is booking for his wife. It’s a seven night booking. The wife is attending a conference in town and will be there alone for the first five nights and he will join her the last two.

From a liability standpoint, should I handle this like a third party booking? I strictly do not accept third party bookings and revert guests to Air’s policy when asked. This one is a bit different though as the person booking will be joining the last couple of nights.

Just wanted to get some opinions about this. Maybe I’m being too nit-picky since it is a husband booking for his wife and he will be joining her the last leg of the trip but I’d still like to hear what others think about this. Thanks!!

If he is joining her for part of the trip, I wouldn’t personally consider this “3rd party”.

Had similar situation with guest whose dad was going to arrive one day prior to the rest of the party. I simply requested that the guest add his father as an additional guest on the reservation, “so we are both covered with AirBnB as well as my insurer.” He added his dad to the party and I had no problem. Great guests.


I agree with @LoneStar. Not a third-party in my book.

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@LoneStar @RebeccaF Thanks for talking me off the cliff a bit! :rofl:

We had a bad experience the first and only time we had a third party booking (someone booking for his brother) so now I am scorned!!

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I’ve had multiple reservations where the guest that booked didn’t plan to stay the first night. Only one where it was multiple days into the booking, though. They all turned out fine.


Did he say why the wife wasn’t booking herself?

If he has good reviews and he’s older (aka over 25) I’d accept it.

I got an IB this morning from a teenage looking girl with one 5 start review. Local. No message to me, so I asked her why she booked me since she is local, why she needs my house. She said it’s for her brother. Told her I don’t accept locals and third party bookings and she canceled.

No, he didn’t say. Maybe he’s just the one who already had the Airbnb account :woman_shrugging:t3:

No reviews and not sure on the age but I did decide to accept. Once I was able to see the profile he looks to be at least in his 30’s. I know looks can be deceiving but they at least look like decent and normal people!

Since I accepted the request…we shall see what happens :slight_smile:

I require the guest on the booking to be the first person to check in so I would consider this a third-party booking. Who’s to say that he will show up? (I have had this happen.)

I know some folks have no problem with third party bookings but I tell the guest to create an account and then have customer service move the reservation to their name. I document it in my notes and tell the guest to have customer service review my notes. Also, sometimes a CS rep has no idea how to handle this and I advise the guest to just hang up and call back again.


I’m one of the host who have no problem with third party bookings.

That bit bothers me though. I’m not sure what you mean?

If there’s an issue with a third-party booking, Airbnb will not back you up with claims. (It’s not like they are rushing to back you up either way but it’s a deal-breaker with them.).


Obviously the booking now has little to do with Airbnb but to take a third party booking is just like taking a private booking that doesn’t involve any OTA.

Since the first guest to show up is not the guest that booked, you will need to agree on an off-platform method of communication (text, phone, e-mail, carrier pigeon) with that first guest. My method is to get the mobile phone number of the guest that is arriving first, and create a group text that includes: the guest arriving first, the guest that booked, myself, and my cohost. For all communication initiated by me, I send a message over Airbnb messaging and the follow it up with a message to the group text.

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I would prefer it done the other way around with the wife booking. I also state in my house rules that the guest who makes the booking must be in attendance. I could see it where the husband never shows due to “unforeseen circumstances” and it’s just a third party booking.

I’m shy on 3rd party stuff due to liability and fraud. You have no info on the person arriving and they haven’t been vetted by Airbnb. If something comes unwound, Airbnb could shrug their shoulders and duck any responsibility.

I’ve had a situation where the primary couldn’t show at the last minute and that set of my alarm bells. I was left with two of his late teenager kids. Flakey at best and I got no prior notice from him. I’ve since added language to my house rules that has weeded out several 3rd party rule benders including booking for a solo minor teenager.


I know that many hosts have joint accounts with their significant others. I assume that guests can create a husband/wife (or whatever they may be) account as well. I wonder why they don’t, and maybe it’s a good idea on a booking such as this to just ask the guest to add their partner to their Airbnb account.


I suspect he means that Air won’t cover any liability for 3rd parties, which is why he won’t take 3rd party bookings.

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