A Serious Issue w. Guest

So… our last guest (a couple) sent us a message on the night of their stay at 11pm saying:

Hello, I am really sorry to tell that we have had a little accident at your place.
I have turned on the bedlamp (that was apparently leaned on the headboard) and went to brush my teeth and as I was in the bathroom I smelled the scent of burnt… the lamp had heated up so much it was burning the headboard, that now I realised were in contact…
i am really really sorry about this

Also, when my cleaning crew went there they found a syringe cap and some yellow material on the bathroom counter (I got photos as well). I didn’t mention anything to the guest or Airbnb as I don’t want to shame or get anyone in trouble.

Guest declined the costs I asked for which are a new bed (can’t fix it) and a new lamp and Aribnb asked me to involve them.

I really don’t want to get anyone in trouble. It’s not my business what you’re doing in your private life but it becomes one if I our home gets damaged due to it.

Should I mention the other findings?

The lamp thing looks like it was a genuine accident. You found a syringe cap but no syringe right? I’m not sure what the problem is. And yellow material? What kind of material? What do you fear it was?

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I’m sure that the guest didn’t manipulate the lamp until it was touching the headboard. The lamp dropped into that position. That is what we can call “bad design”. That is a serious issue with your listing, not with your guest. Be glad that your house didn’t burn down because of it.

Get rid of that lamp or change the “lightbulb” for a harmless led that doesn’t heat up.
Get the headboard covered with new fabric, or put a small patch on top of the hole.


I agree with getting rid of halogen lamps in your rental unless they are installed in the ceiling as can lights. Funny I’ve just been looking for a lamp to install on the wall centered over the bed so it could be used as a reading light. I saw one I liked but saw it was a halogen and that they warned not to touch the shade except by the handle. Uh, no. You’re probably lucky that this is all that burned.

The headboard looks like something that can be reupholstered for less than it can be replaced.

And no, other findings shouldn’t be mentioned.


Perhaps we can give the guest the benefit of doubt… Maybe he/she is diabetic and uses a syringe for insulin.


exactly, but I can’t imagine what the yellow ‘material’ could’ve been. Was it powder?

Anyway, you mention claiming for a bed, but I’m sure you meant headboard

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Maybe they were injecting tumeric.


it didn’t do Trump any harm, apart from colouring his face :slight_smile:


I think that’s spray tan. Or maybe hair dye. Maybe he just puts on some goggles and then gets dipped in a vat of something.


No syringe. The yellow material is crystal meth. Confirmed by 2 people.

I contacted the manufacturer and they don’t sell the headboard alone. Also, won’t sell me the material so I’m stuck with that here.

2 upholstery guys said they don’t have the material / color to match and even if they do it will take 6 - 10 days to do at cost of $300. Not because it’s a complicated project but because they are busy. That means, I will be without a bed for 6 - 10 days?

This could have been a house fire. It didn’t happen in 5-10 minutes either.


I can’t see the whole bed, I guess it’s not just a headboard?

Ok, I didn’t realize it was yellow but since the crime lab confirmed it I won’t argue. Thing is, you can’t mention it in the review.

I’d follow up with Airbnb and see what you can get. I assume that you’ve brought them a lot of money and they owe you. Time to stake your claim.


Can you remove the headboard until it has been repaired? Does it detach easily from the bed?


I had to like; you’ve made me laugh so much!


Ok… I knew the crystal meth will make some waves. I wouldn’t mention it in the review regardless - I was referring to Airbnb. I’d never air the guest’s dirty laundry. But for now, let’s say my sources are wrong and that the small bags with “flour” we find once a month at the house used to bake mini cupcakes :wink:

So moving on, I called the manufacturer again and asked for headboards only. Well, they don’t make this bed anymore which is why they can’t help with that. She said also the places that do sell the bed won’t do it since they won’t “break” the bed set just for that. I called one company and got the no. He said he’ll sell it to me for the bed’s full price. So that option is gone.

I forgot to mention that the $300 upholstery is WITHOUT the material which I need to go, find and purchase and is average at… $300 - yes!

I’m really curious how they confirmed that. Did they use it? Taste it? I’ve never seen crystal meth that was yellow.

Also, unless you think they intentionally put the light on the bed, I think that one is really your responsibility. Having a light that produces enough heat to melt fabric is pretty dangerous to have in the house. I agree with other comments that you’re lucky the whole place didn’t go up in flames!


I looked again and the only question I found in the OP is

And I said no but you also already answered what I thought was the question

So the question is, should you mention it to Airbnb in your attempt to be compensated for your faulty lamp? Uh, I mean, for the guest’s negligence in not noticing that the lamp was hot and too close to the upholstery?

I think the post is in the category of venting. It’s hard to have a custom, out of production bed melted but put in your claim with Airbnb and see what happens.



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I have these in one of my guest bedrooms, and have had several guests comment on them and ask where I got them. They definitely don’t get hot. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would be more outraged by the drug use compared to the bed. If you are 100% certain it is meth I would mention this in the review. The bed seems like an accident.


Accident or not, someone needs to pay for it. Can one do this in a nice hotel and tell them it was an accident and it’s all good?