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A non world-readable thread

Hello everyone,

I put this post under “Site Suggestions”, because it’s kind of a meta post, but this site does not have a corresponding meta site (as Stack Exchange does, for example). This seems like the closest equivalent.

I have a sensitive topic to discuss concerning my listing. I could use some advice/suggestions.

I know that all posts on the forum are normally world readable, but I’m not terribly enthused at the idea that the whole world will be able to read this discussion.

is there an option to (for example) limit the readability of a thread to just registered members, for example? That would probably be good enough. If not, what are my other options? Open a private message thread and ask if people would like to be invited in? That’s clumsy and hardly ideal.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts/ideas/suggestions.

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It is a bit but not really, once you’re used to it. And you can include only the members whose opinion you value. The rest will never know so there won’t be any hard feelings from them about not being included.


Hi @jaquo,

Nice to hear from you. Thank you for your reply and thoughts. So is that the approach you recommend?

I’m not really sure who I would invite to join the thread. Who one will get useful advice from is unpredictable. Could I open a separate thread to ask people if they were interested? Or would that make things even more clumsy?

So the non-public thread is not a feature of Discourse then? Or simply not implemented here?

Me for a start - I always like chatting with you :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look under the hood…

A quick look around unearthed

which, if I am reading it right, suggests such a thing is possible, though of course someone would have to configure the settings accordingly. And I have no experience with administering a Discourse instance, so I have no specific directions to offer.

I’m ploughing through several Discourse forum posts right now. It’s still seeming to me that a private message thread would be the easiest way to go but maybe another moderator knows differently?

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Hi @jaquo,

Well, don’t put yourself out, especially if this sort of thing isn’t what you normally do.

Though I think it would be a useful thing to be able to do. I don’t suppose I’m the only person who occasionally has things to discuss which he/she doesn’t want the world to see. In fact, I think
it would be reasonable to have a separate category to post in, which only logged-in members can see.


Don’t worry, it’s fun. I like finding things out :slight_smile:


@jaquo gets tired of lounging around the pool all day and these little things help liven up her day!!! :kissing_heart:


I once made a private message tread and just included a few of the long time members that I really appreciate and trust for giving some fair opinions. It works perfectly. If you forgot someone you can still invite them a bit later in the process.

Feel free to invite me, I like giving my opinion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Somehow, I don’t see @jaquo spending her time that way. :slight_smile:

If it winds up being a private member thread, I’ll invite you, sure. I actually thought of creating a thread just to ask people if they were interested. I’m not sure if that makes sense, or not.

I’m the busiest person I know and I love it :slight_smile:

this thread could probably serve as a ‘recruitment’ thread. Seems a bit of fuss to start a second thread in order to start a third thread

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I like sharing my opinions on things. Although I also find I am in the minority of options on certain things. I pride myself in being atypical in many respects.

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I’ve spent a good bit of time reading about the Discourse software and I’ve never seen any indication of such a thing although they are always tweaking it so it could appear.

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I linked to a discussion about it above, namely https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-ignoring-category-trust-level-0-registered-user-making-posts-public/30668

It looks like the feature I’m talking about - basically making a topic invisible to non-logged in users. As I understand it, it’s an existing feature of the software. But I suppose I could post to meta.discourse.org and confirm directly.

You may as well assume that anything you post online on a public site can be seen because at any time the owners could change the settings to make things once private suddenly public. Or, someone who did see it privately might decide to take screenshots or something and post it publicly.

So, I agree with @jaquo, the private message would probably be the best way to go - but even then you’re not entirely safe unless you absolutely trust everybody there!


Hi folks,

I’m returning to this thread after a while.

As mentioned above, I believe that it is possible with Discourse to make a topic invisible to non-logged users. But as far as I can tell, this isn’t possible on this forum. And it doesn’t seem likely to change, either.

This discussion was back in April. I guess I should just go ahead and create a private message thread, then.

Can anyone advise me how to go about this? Can I create a private message addressed to nobody, and then invite people to join? Or do I need to address the PM to someone to start with, and then add people as necessary? I suspect the latter. In which case, would anyone be willing to step forwards as a willing victim? (I really hope I get a volunteer. Otherwise I shall have to inflict myself on some poor unwary soul. Which doesn’t seem fair.)

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Hi @JonYork,

Yes, indeed. I agree with everything you say. But if I want to get some advice, I don’t think I have much choice in the matter. I hope, however, that nobody takes a screenshot of the conversation and posts it publicly. That would neither be very polite, nor very friendly.

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