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A new word for your listing (if you're beside a canal!)

Hi Folks; I came across a charming new word last weekend and I’m now offering it free, gratis and for nothing for use by those AirBnB hosts whose properties happen to be like ours, beside a canal. The word is “gongoozler” – defined as “a person who enjoys watching activity on canals”. The word is also used generally to describe those who have an interest in canals and the life on them but who do not actively participate. Apparently it’s a slang word dating back to Victorian times, coined by the navvies who built the canal system here in the UK. So if you are fortunate enough to have a suitable canal-side property you can now list it as being “suitable for gongoozlers!” – how cool is that!


Been watching Travels By Narrowboat by Country House Gent, have you? We love that series (via Amazon) and are looking forward to Season 6 with Kevin and Aslan!


Fabulous! >wanders off to add to listing, thereby confusing 99% of my fellow Americans<

That’s a wonderful word - thank you @southendbootboy! We are a canalside property (USA) and (I think) that guests like the fact that I’m Englishly eccentric so that word is just perfect. :slight_smile:

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