A new bug ... great prices on Front Page of Airbnb

If it looks too good to be true, well, it isn’t.
Anybody else seeing these incredible offers. Price poofs away once you click on ‘Book’.

What did you search for @AlexSJ ?

Actually, for nothing … Helsi. I was looking up a listing in my neighborhood, but it no longer existed, which defaulted me to the Airbnb page. Then I got distracted by a Luxe listing … but when I scrolled down to the Plus listing, I noticed this super cheap price.

(here is a link of a different listing that no longer exists … www.airbnb.com/rooms/27259539) , it brings about the very same $10 listings. I am using an incognito chrome.

Oh wow in that case - I see a group forum trip coming up to St Petersbug then :slight_smile:


Would be worth the price of airfare from Washington state! :slight_smile:!

I’ve seen a listing that did this by offering $10 on one night with a seven night minimum.

I saw something similar in my area. The price was $10/night. The house slept up to 8 guests. I tried everything and couldn’t actually get a price lower than $79 even when booking for only one guest for 28 days (the maximum length stay) for the whole month of August (off season).

THIS IS WHAT I THINK BUT NOT 100% SURE - All you need is to bury one date with the low price. You can set up rules that it can’t be booked - say 2 night stay but put a really check price for one night randomly 6 months from now. Also, you can high up your price by charge a high cleaning fee.

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It’s probably something like that; a low price somewhere that is pretty much unbookable.

However, it brought these listings to the forefront of suggested Plus places and that is some nice exposure.

After weeks of having my best listing tanking and zero reservations forthcoming, I will experiment for a couple of weeks. :wink:

I had this experience booking an Air BnB in Zanzibar for myself. I had been debating on a particular property when I pulled up the Air BnB website to see if it was available. Without even going to the specific property’s page, an ad popped up for the property I was interested in with my exact dates listed and a price that was $40 per night below what I had previously been quoted. When I actually went to the page with the property, the price was $40 higher. I called Air BnB and sent them a screen shot showing the lower price. Long story short, tough luck for me. Air BnB not willing to honor the price on their own website, even though they admitted it was a glitch in their system. One air-head customer service rep told me that sometimes that happens and often the price that comes up is lower than what is on the front page. Next time I book Air BnB, maybe I will be lucky and end up with a lower price. Another told me that the lower price I was seeing was the average for all the prices paid for that particular property. WTF???!!! Needless to say, it left a bad taste in my mouth. One manager said she would send a $100 off coupon for my stay and then never did. Finally, another manager actually apologized and did send me a $200 off certificate which offset the price difference some. I still feel that this pricing is “bait and switch.”