A fun way to analyse and get insight your reviews

I was playing around with researching my reviews to see if there was a pattern I could spot and thought about using wordclouds.

I downloaded all of my reviews using smartbnb.io

And then plugged the reviews into


It gives you the option to remove words that you don’t think are helpful.

The size of the word is indicative of the number of times it was used.

It kind of helps me see what I am doing that the guests want.

Strikes me comfortable hosting is the way forward!

What do your reviews look like as a word cloud I wonder?


Some of us did this a few years ago. Here’s mine and this picture is on my listing page.


This is great… am I to assume your someone has a name called dusty?

Ha! Yes, otherwise not a good characteristic, eh?


Not really!

Its very interesting that the same sorts of words are appearing. I filtered my ones down to give it legibility.

I let dogs stay in my places and I am surprised I didn’t see this ranking higher.

@KKC - here’s a silly question – how did you make your words colorful? Did you do it manually?

I put reviews into a free online program called Wordle. That program gave me a variety of colors and wordmap shapes to choose from.


@KKC Thank you for the tip! Where, in your Airbnb profile, did you upload the word collection, in the photos?

Yes. …

@KKC always learning from my fellow hosts, thank you for sharing.

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For my Treehouse listing in Costa Rica …

Also posted in the photo section.


@AlexSJ This is like a work of art! Do you display this in your Airbnb I wonder? It could be an interesting way of nudging guests to give good reviews!

I had to construct it a little , couldn’t figure out how to have fewer words.
Very Cool, Thanks Paul:)

Thank you, Paul.
I am listing a well established Treehouse and wanted to offer an option for 3 to 4 people by offering the Treehouse plus a separate guestroom in the main house on the same property. It has not been much of a hit, but the word cloud keeps with the theme for the listing. www.airbnb.com/rooms/29456746

I’d like to try this but wondering if it is free…?

There are a few if these on the web. All free www.worditout.com was the best. You can select which words to delete and which appear. It’s a great idea to upload into the photos too.

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Thanks! But I have nearly 700 reviews and around 25% are not in English… ! I can’t see a way to import all review texts from the site unless smartbnb,io do that? I don’t really need the services that they offer so don’t want to sign up. I know - I want something for nothing!

I used the link to wordcloud provided, copied my reviews direct from air to word file, or if I had 700 I would copy maybe 6 of my favorites, just put them together on a word file and chop away the extraneous words you don’t want.
if you want something to show up bigger add it in a few times. ie relaxing relaxing relaxing
Then copy from your word file into the box, you can also edit while on that webpage if you don’t like it.
its free

I love this idea!! Here’s mine.

I’m incorporating it as we speak!:wink:

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