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A fun way to analyse and get insight your reviews


I find the whole thing quite strange, as a year or so ago I had a listing deactivated because we had put words on the pics.

I had to delete all the pics, and when over the phone with the CS rep, I went through the remaining photos they told me that the words on the condiments in the pantry could still be considered an issue.

Does this mean I can put the tourist pics back up, with the type on the bottom explaining what it’s about?


Here’s my word cloud, created after reading about one of the free programs in this forum. I have had it as part of my listing since last summer and so far so good – no warnings from Airbnb. The biggest word was Mike, my husband’s name, but I deleted that one, so I wasn’t a slave to the exact result. My feeling it was not helpful to the feeling or emotion people convey. I also put my IG and Facebook account names on an image. I cut and pasted all reviews into a word document and then put those into the program.


This isn’t the same as words on the pics. I don’t have the tech knowledge to explain how it’s different though, LOL. I’ve seen a number of listings with words overlaying their pictures. I’d try adding them back.


I had words on my listing photos since 2012 …

However, since they are now running text detecting software on newly uploaded photos they have flagged some of my photos and deleted them. Last year they let the one on the left pass, the one on the right they deleted. Go figure. The programs seems to be not that smart …


They didn’t delete the pics they took down the whole listing and didn’t even tell me! One of my owners rang me frantic that she couldn’t find the listing. I spent ages on the phone to them and in the end they said it was the text on the pics. Then they ummed and ahed about the name on the bottle of sauce in the pantry because it was advertising that brand!


One never knows why they do what … but perhaps somebody reported your listing for whatever and they were making excuses.


Here’s mine:


Love that you put it in call out shape!


This is great. I would love to see this as a prospective guest and will keep it in min for when we have enough reviews to try and generate it. Very creative.


,magwitch, how did you get that???
well i know the answer, but it couldn’t be …


Loving this!

FWiW I have cut and pasted my best review to a photograph to. I have included it in the first five pictures so that it appears in the new layout that Airbnb have introduced. Nothing has happened so far as to complaints about using text but I will keep an eye on it now in case they delete me.


Interesting thing about posting that view of the review is that it shows the date and the daily rate the guest paid. I don’t particularly want my guests to see the rate other guests paid.


Good point… I took the image as a screen shot from my actual reviews… do the guests not see the price there?


@PaulRanson you took that from your reviews under the progress tab. Here is the guest view: s

I also wouldn’t choose a review with no guest photo.


Mine turned out pretty cute.

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