A couple of bits of advice needed please

Hi from heat wave England!

We’ve been hosting for a little more than a year and all is well bar two areas that I’d Like some advice on.

Firstly we allow pets providing guests agree to our pet rules. Guests with dogs add to the cleaning either marginally in that there is little added cleaning; to guests that agree to our rules, but then break them e.g. dog hairs and marks on duvet cover and bed throw resulting in both needing a ‘deep’ wash. So my question is should we charge a fee for when dogs are involved, say £10 per stay, which will compensate for any additional work?

Secondly experience has taught us that very young children are little bother in terms of impact on our barn and adults with teenagers the same. The 4-6 year olds however are viewed in the light of how they initially behave when we show the guests our barn. Approximately half seem to just let then run amok, this has resulted in some causing damage to soft furnishings, toys etc… Not serious damage in most cases, just damage that could have been avoided. We are thinking that any future guests with said children be advised in a ‘friendly’ manner prior to booking, that our barn hasn’t been childproofed and care needs to be taken. The option on barring that age range isn’t that attractive as it will stop those parents with well behaved youngsters.

Any advice would be most welcome.

  1. Yes hosts do charge a supplement for guests to cover the extra costs of cleaning for their dogs.

  2. Yes, if you accept children, you should definitely mentioned if some of your listing isn’t child proofed. I am not sure though that will solve the issue

Yes, guests who allow pets can certainly charge extra, and £10 per visit is not enough, IMHO. We simply prohibit pets (but do allowed trained, certified Service Dogs, of course).

Yes, if you accept kids you should detail both in your listing, and when the guests arrive and are being shown around, that some things are not child proofed and that parents will be held responsible for damages.

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When I was first looking into Airbnbing I spoke to a lady that ran a successful wedding reception and homestead accommodation property.
She said: When I stopped accepting children and started accepting dogs all my problems disappeared.

I charge $80 per stay to accept guest’s pets as that is how much I would be willing to pay rather that have to find alternative accommodation for my dog.

I charge $200 per dog. People will pay anything to bring their pets. Must be crated if left alone in house.
On another note: ( sigh ) The duvet covers need to be washed thoroughly, (not sure how a Deep Wash differs from a Not Deep wash ) … between each guest group, no matter whether they bring a dog or not.
Visible hair and marks or not. WASH the Duvets.
Now let’s talk about washing duvets…-:slight_smile:


I’m now washing duvet (cover, comforter cover, or whatever we are calling it) after every stay. Oh, And the shams. I air out the down comforter outside in the sun, which is cased in the “cover”, If it’s a bit humid I fluff it dry in the dryer with fabric softener. Sham Shame…:sunglasses:

By deep wash i meant a much higher temperature wash for the duvet (duvets are of course washed after every stay). But also had to wash the heavy bedspread, which we do not wash that often.

Something I didn’t mention in my post was that guests sometimes let their dogs jump onto one of three leather sofas. We can tell as they leave clear claw marks which are impossible to remove (any tips on how to do this appreciated!)

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Have a security deposit and inform people on your listing that they may be charged if they cause damage. We had a group recently with two preteen boys who got food all over the bedroom they slept in. Food on the walls and carpet, some weird white sauce in the wicker chairs in the bedroom and so on. Now we have in writing that people may be charged if they damage the walls or carpets with food.

Hell, I’m getting confused all over again. Just when I thought I’d got this comforter thing sussed…

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Ya right? I’ll shut up about it!

No don’t. Others might want to chip in! :slight_smile:

Sure say that’s it’s not child proofed but be careful about pidgeon holing damage to certain age groups. Also child proofing really relates to stairs and lockable cupboards and antique vases not easily knocked by a toddler, not unsupervised kids spilling liquids on the sofa or putting hand prints of chocolate on the white wall. I stayed at my friends last night and spilt half a bottle of red wine on her carpet :wine_glass: This morning as she was vacuuming up the salt I have placed over the stain over night, I spilled my entire cup of coffee :coffee: on the carpet next to the wine stain.

Any fool can be a bad guest and should pay reasonable costs for damages so I would just make a general rule about such without coming across as not kid friendly if you want families to stay.

Image of me = terrible guest

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On a lighter note, who wouldn’t want this little cutie in their Airbnb? He can go 2 days without a toilet stop, doesn’t eat shoes, furniture and doesn’t shed. I would happily pay £10 a day but would hope that you provide a nice food and water bowl and even a nice little donut bed or similar (these are easily washed and put in dryer) and do ensure it’s washed between pets. Also make it clear if one can leave the other during day and whether it has to be inside, outside, if you have pets they need to consider might clash etc.

I couldn’t possibly put my little baby in a crate @georgygirlofairbnb if I’m popping out for a latte! Nor could I afford $200 for a short stay but if the host is clear I appreciate that upfront. I’ve taken my pooch to multiple Airbnb’s at no costs but would have been happy to pay a small fee. :smiley:


Say no more :wink: teenage boys did you say?

I have the same cutie who lives with me in my home. i love cuties.
But I charge the guest for the privilege and I dont trust their cutie.
I know mine wont chew ( no teeth ) …and piddle is little, but I still believe in crates.
Take cutie along or crate.
And Pay $200 or go elsewhere.
No issues No drama

lol They were maybe 8 or 9 so pretty sure it was food. Still extremely irritating though! The two year old child got food on the wall in the stairway too which we had to paint over. We charged them $50 for the extra cleaning which they of course refused to pay at first but luckily Airbnb came through and gave us the money.

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As a parent I would be so embarrassed to leave anyone’s home like that, let alone deny the damages! But I’m sorry to say, half my friends with younger kids (mine’s all grown up now) trash their own homes and others without seemingly a care in the world.

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You would think most people would think that way but unfortunately some don’t. They also showed up with more kids than what they booked for and we gave them a deal that we would only charge for one of the extra kids and they still complained and acted like we were the bad guys. Lesson learned to never ever give people discounts because if you give them an inch, they take a mile.

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My own cutie has diabetes so sometimes piddles wherever she is. I wouldn’t take her to anyone’s home without a diaper.

diaper here too…puppy mill rescue. We are working on everything.