A Break In at my Airbnb

I just stopped into my Airbnb today to clean it for next guests. The last guests checked out Monday afternoon and I didn’t make it over there until this (Wednesday) morning. I walked into my place and it was freezing cold.

Upon entering the kitchen I saw that the kitchen window was wide open and the screen removed. I realized someone had broken in. There was damage to my locked closets (that hold my personal items) and obviously my screen they ripped off, and they stole a few things as well.

Here’s the rub, it was warm the last couple days and the only way this could’ve happened (the glass window wasn’t broken, just the screen pulled off) was because my last guests left a window ajar when they left. Because I live on the first floor I clearly state in my house guidelines to lock and close windows anytime you leave the space.

I called Airbnb and the issue has been escalated to Trust and Safety. My question is, will Airbnb cover my damages from the break in? Even if the guests didn’t do it, they’re disregard of the rules is what enabled the robbery.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has experienced this kind of situation before. Thanks!

I don’t really see why Airbnb should be involved? I would contact your own insurance company. They will probably need a police report so that will be the first job.

And I’m sorry to state the obvious but if check out is at 11 am then you or your co-host should be in there at 11.01 am. I can’t imagine leaving an un-checked rental from Monday until Wednesday.


Thanks for your input there. I don’t have a co-host and I was out of town. I did file a report and have also contacted my insurance company.


I’ve had a few issues with guests before in my other spaces and Airbnb has always covered me. This is the first instance where the damages weren’t done by the guests but their negligent actions resulted in the damage.

Yikes. I guess that this was a lesson to get a co-host as soon as possible :slight_smile:


This is not the fault of the guest who MAY have left the window unlocked or Air. So that just leaves the thief to blame for the theft. Or you for not securing the property after check in, take your choice. Sh*t happens.



However I clearly state in my guidelines and in post it notes next to windows to make sure you lock and close them when leaving the space. In this case I think it is their fault. The only way the place was entered was because the window was left open.

And who’s to say it wasn’t the guests who did it? That is still a possibility too.


You do not know they left the window open because you did not check for 3 days.

Whatever, good luck getting Air to pay.


I do know. I was the last one in there before they arrived, all windows were locked and closed. Then they came and checked out. No one else has access with the key codes. They were the only ones who could’ve opened a window.

I would like to apologize for those who do not understand that some times life happens and we can not be everywhere we need to be at a certain time. For those criticizing this host for not being there right at 11:01 to check the status of the home, what would happen if a guest has checked out early and cancelled their reservation and your co-host is unable to inspect the home. Everyone has a life and crap happens. Hopefully her insurance and maybe Airbnb will be able to cover any loss she had.


Life happens it’s true.
But every host must have someone on location who will be there taking care of guests. I am way very often but I have few people who I can rely on in case something happens and it’s uaualyy happens. Little or big things but things happen all.the time .
I just stayed in Krakow and we couldn’t figure out TV. I tried, my husband tried, it was hopeless. Between two properties we have 10 TVs , so it’s not like we are TVs illiterate.
Also it was so hot in appartment that I hates to come back to it at night.
There was not a single fan there .
When I addressed these issues to host she said she doesn’t live in Krakow but 1 hour away. And if I told her earlier she would bring fan and fix TV. But now it’s the weekend and I will have to wait till Monday.
I seriously didn’t care about her living away 1 hour. We were struggling for 2 days without fan in terrible heat, without TV.
A host can’t let these situation happen
It’s just unacceptable. We paid quite a bit of money as we wanted something nice and In a centre. And we were deprived of amenities that by the way were listed.
Guests are doing all kind of things, bresking rules non stop but a host or co-host should be available and upon check out chevk the property


Sorry just curious… Which Krakow are you talking about? The one I know is always freezing cold lol

Maybe try to gooogle the tv model for instructions?

You sound just like my host In Krakow. When I told her about heat and TV
And .takinh about Krakov In August with 90F outside

I know how to Google . And.we tried everything to not bother our feisty host from Krakov.
My point is : guests should not be left without any help with a host being away. Because guests who paid don’t care how far hosts live or other circumstances


This is very true. And anyone who is in business - and if you’re an Airbnb host then you have a business - has to arrange their life to suit their business and their clients. Hosts should have contingency plans and someone to carry them out.

Very few of us here would be happy if we had an appointment/booking/important meeting/etc. and the professional we were expecting didn’t show because ‘everyone has a life’.

When you agree to host a guest via Airbnb you have, in effect, made a contract with that guest. We agreed to Airbnb’s terms when we signed up and these terms include the following:

> When you accept or have pre-approved a booking request by a Guest, you are entering into a legally binding agreement with the Guest and are required to provide your Host Service(s) to the Guest as described in your Listing when the booking request is made.

Of course crap happens. Of course there are emergencies and unexpected events. but just like anyone else in business, we should be prepared for these - it just makes good business sense.

Just a guess but I’d estimate that 50% of my guests leave before check out. Often that is because they need to get to the airport for an early flight. I can’t think of one single instance when they haven’t informed me of that in advance.

@Yana has the right idea :slight_smile:


I’ve left a touring Broadway production at intermission because guests complained of barking dogs. It was not during my “quiet hours.” It was Friday night and two 20 somethings are apparently trying to sleep at 9 pm. Tough break for me. Of course I get home and don’t hear a peep, the dogs aren’t even barking due to me coming in. Yes, I have a life and so I now block the room when I have events where I have to have my phone off. I’m sure I’m missing some bookings because of it.


My guests refused my resolution request so it was moved to Airbnb to handle. I’m happy to say they agreed to cover the damages I requested (to cover my insurance deductible) and my insurance company is covering the rest.

I will definitely be more cautious and get into my space as soon as check out happens in the future, even though this was an unfortunate circumstance I’m happy with how Airbnb handled it!

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for reaching out, and I’m sorry it had to be under these circumstances. Situations like these are rare, and I hope you’ll go on to have many more positive hosting experiences in the future.

Since this is a relatively low amount and you haven’t claimed other damages recently, I can expedite this request. I’ve processed a payout of $500.00 for the damages that happened during reservation ------- with your guest.

I’ve discussed the issue with -----, so you shouldn’t need to communicate with them further about this issue. Thank you for being a great host. If you have any additional concerns, just reply to this email.


Excellent news but I continue to be bummed by seeing this line in messages from Airbnb:

This means they aren’t making any judgment on the the merits of the case, simply on your record as a host and the amount. And they are paying, the guest sees no consequences and takes no responsibility.


@KKC, I agree, it is disheartening, especially since that is the same language, verbatim, I received from ABB on the one Host Guarantee ABB paid, back in 5/2018.

I’d also say, it feels like a warning. Make a another claim… Then what? And if they aren’t educating or blocking guests, bad behaviors are certain to happen again.

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Sounds that way doesn’t it? There are people here who claim they’ve always been paid but I imagine it depends on how much you bring in. And that makes financial sense. I’ve never had a claim for anything other than an unpaid pet or person fee but like insurance, I would have to weigh the pros and cons of making one.

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Exactly, it would take a lot for me to claim on my insurance, they are quick to drop you or raise rates. I have a $2500 deductible on my policy for that reason, I would never consider a small claim. Insurance is for the big stuff.


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