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A Break In at my Airbnb


I agree I never use my distance whether I am at home which is one hour away or in another country. It’s not relevant to my guests or my owners. Once an owner was hassling me to upload new photos immediately and I was in Bulgaria driving. I told her I had to wait until I got wi fi when I checked in. She was not happy with the few hours delay and that is the only time I have used distance as an excuse.


I manage 2 properties remotely. I don’t have a co-host and manage to make it work. I’m glad for other hosts who can be there when the guest leaves but I cannot.

I always hate to see hosts (host a) lecture host b on what they should do and how they should manage their property based upon host a’s standards.

Suggestions are wonderful things. To tell someone to do it like I do isn’t respectful that one of the beauties of Airbnb is that it gives us the flexibility to manage our properties as we see fit.

If we are poor hosts, our reviews will eventually catch up with us and we won’t get the revenue.

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