9-year-old invests thousands in ‘dream treehouse’ Airbnb in North Carolina

His mom is a host, but he does all the work for the tree house.



That was fun to read about and to look at the listing. I noticed it only had a 4.64 and thought, well, a 9 year maybe hasn’t perfected his cleaning and prepping skills. Then I noticed an a$$hat named Raymond said one need to be “weary.” Supposedly a criminal defense attorney, but doesn’t know the difference between “weary” and “wary.” His paralegal probably does all his work. Then he didn’t tell the host what the problem was. I’m glad she handled it with grace. There’s a lot to like about the whole operation.


To be fair, spelling mistakes are a product of autocorrect, cellphones, and a lack of proofreading. It’s become so common on internet content, people have stopped caring.

You are correct and I’m no exception. Every time I re-read one of my posts I find an error. I’m especially bad with comma usage errors. Still, the guy seems like an @ss. Writing an 8 word review with no specifics and clearly pounding them on stars but saying nothing to the host while there is pure :chicken: :poop:


Have you met many criminal defense attorneys? This guy could be their poster boy. Wouldn’t expect anything less. :joy::joy:


My brother built his own bedroom 20 ft up, between 2 eucalyptus trees @ 12 ft x 12ft, A treehouse with a trap door, drop ladder, windows etc, Totally possible for an inventive strong kid. Of course I only saw it a few times, as girls were not allowed:)


I love it. Murphy NC is pretty & offers much. Looks like Mayberry

Close to:
Limited use large lake -kayaking & fishing
Appalachian Trail
Asheville Biltmore House & Arts district
Cherokee Casino
Alpaca farm

Good for the Mom & son. I hope they have continued amazing success.

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