5 days prior to arrival airbnb cancels the reservation and gives guest a full refund

5 days before guest checks in , Airbnb are canceling the reservation from their side and not paying me anything. Listing has strict cancellation on it. This is a condominium and i have to inform property manager about all guests in advance

Would you rather have the money and potentially have your place trashed or worse? They must have done something serious to get kicked off the platform. Call them directly if you want to do a direct booking.


Why must they always start with

I hope this email finds you well.

Ughhhh I want to yell and pound something when I read it because it is never good news.

However, in this case it is. They found out someth8ng about the guest and cancelled them before they caused problems for you. Be grateful.


I think you have definitely been lucky but given your cancellation policy, have you discussed with Air? They do have the discretion to compensate hosts who take up an issue, but are loathe to let on that they can do this; I think they live in hope that we won’t. It’s worth a try!


I have the same situation, 6 days before check in ! I still trying to get my cancellation fees back…;(

I called and talked with Airbnb Support center and my CM, but I’m not agree with my CM… I hope I can get help from Airbnb with my claim.
You can see all conversation with my guest Rabia ,from beginning to the end… Today I revise mail from my MC I have a shock.
Rabia was tried to cancel her booking before, but when she understand about fees cancellation , she change her mind ( This time her sister cant get visa…and my MC spoke with her!)
Now, she find the prove ( I don’t believe is real!), her sister gives birth to a child (Do we know her sister name? here only name Rabia! This can be anyone!!! Specially what Rabia was looking for , for her full refund of cancellation fee , so my MC and Rabia resolved the situation that i did not hear anything!
Today just put me before the fact with false document , 6 days before reservation. (This is reservation from 3th July - 29th July!)

I’m not agree with this decision and I would like to have my cancellation fees.
Airbnb and I, we are partners and must take into account the interest of all parties, I believe in it. I bought tickets, paid for my birthday trip already! I was
counting on that money. To be honest, i have very big disappointment and I still believe we can find the right solution.
I do not intend to leave it like this!


@Brandt I personally think it will be fair if airbnb should not give them any refund or if they want to they can pay from their own airbnb money

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@Anna777 had that many time they tell guest have medical condition - and they never show proper documentation as they tell it is private, so guest is lying and airbnb helps them

@Brandt @konacoconutz I just dont believe airbnb anymore, when i tried to open guest profile it told me failed verification

i dont want any direct bookings i just think airbnb must take some financial responsibility

@Joan the answer as always …


Do you know how to find the complaints department?

@Anna777 i dont think they have one, the only way is to call customers support

try this link , just send it today my letter …

Apparently the guest did something against the AirBnB policy. (Discrimination, Drugs or something else.)

You should still have hist phone number in your email from the booking confirmation.
if you still want him, you can contact him and take his booking outside the platform. It is not against the AirBnB policy, since AirBnB refused him.

Its your choice.

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@cabinhost like 3 weeks, they called bac`k to me and explained that they cant do anything as they dont know why technical department canceled this reservation

@Chris No i dont want him outside, just i think it will be fare for host to know the reason and get paid

Informing you about the reason might not be possible due to privacy rules.

And I understand the frustration about the payment, most of us had these problems.
But AirBnB cannot take the guests money and refuse service. It would be fair if AirBnB would (partially) compensate you out if their own pocket, but they will not do that.

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Hope all is going well dear Kona. Haven’t haven’t hear your wise voice much lately. Hope everything is going okay,


See PM! …

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@konacoconutz didnt get any

@Chris thank you, exactly