5 1/2 weeks and STILL no payout

In August we had a guest instant book a three night stay on short notice, and the reservation showed a payout amount of $0.00. We immediately called AirBnB about it and were told “Don’t be concerned. We’ll fix it and you will be paid the expected amount.” In fact, we could see the correct amount in “Upcoming Payouts” so that gave us reassurance. The guest checked in on time, and the day we should have gotten our payout came and went without any funds or contact from AirBnB. We called the the next day and they again reassured us that we would receive our payout and that it was being “escalated.” This has been our experience for the 5 1/2 weeks since then, with messages about once a week saying it’s a software problem with the reservation record and they are still working on it. The guest had a typical stay, told us that AirBnB charged his credit card normally and is long gone. Has anyone else experienced a delayed payout that went unpaid this long? They have our money - will we ever get it from them? Given that most (but not all) of our rentals came via AirBnB, what other recourse do we have?

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Yes, it is very likely you will get your payout, but keep on them.


Other hosts have mentioned that by contacting them via Twitter or Facebook they’ve had a measure of success. Their social media team appear to be for more efficient at resolving issues than other departments.



I’ve had one delayed payout. I posted about it here. As I recall, there was a problem with the guest’s credit card, and I called to cancel but they reassured me I’d be paid. Then there was a problem with the currency conversion and the guests paid 1 cent too short. AirBnB wouldn’t release the payout. I called every day and then maybe a week later they released the payout. The guests weren’t great so I wished I’d just cancelled.


You are not alone.
Reservation made 8 am in 10/3 for 10/3-10/6 stay
No payout amount displaying
No notice that payout sent/in process

Appears last minute reservations not processing correctly

I’ve contacted Airbnb CS. No resolution yet.

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I see this as another reason to not be wholly reliant on Airbnb. So far, we’ve not had any payment issues, and at our price point it wouldn’t be a major issue if we did. However, if it was a constant problem then depending on what time of year it was, it could be.

Since the beginning of summer our Airbnb bookings have fallen off a cliff. BDC picked up the slack to the extent we’ve increased our overall occupancy rate.

It’s a bit unfortunate as I do prefer Airbnb guests, but as I’ve said before, a pulse and a CC is really all we need.


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Currently, I am Airbnb dependent.
I don’t have enough non-Airbnb to leave them.

My VRBO experience was a waste of $300 and my first and only guest left an unfavorable review. The irony was he asked if he could do a private 6 week rental a few months later. The answer was “no”

Anyway—again you are not alone with your experience

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I really need to pay more attention after reading this, I hardly ever check to see if I actually get paid.



Ditto @RiverRock. I look for the notification saying my payout was released, but I don’t always review my bank records to make sure that happened.

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If I get the notification to my email, I’ve gotten the money in the bank 100% of the time (and we are talking 600+ times). But there’s been once or twice where a small payment got stuck in the Airbnb system and I had to contact them.

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This is the first Airbnb payment issue after over 200 stays. Rarely do I get “day of” rentals.

The payment was issued after I inquired about it.

This sounds similar to @KKC ‘s. It was a fairly small payment (3 nights off season) compared to a week of peak season.

Moral of the story —monitor your payment receipts for last minute, lower dollar amount payments.

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I’m having the same issue. Guests arrived Oct 12 and leave tomorrow. The payout has not been released. I called daily and I’m always told the same thing “submitted a ticket and it’s at the payout team.” Asked to speak to a supervisor, placed on hold and then told he was busy and would call me back. It’s been a week.

Update: after 10 weeks and 3 days, we received a message from Airbnb saying that the payout had been processed. It now shows up in “Completed Payments” with the word “processing.”

I cannot even count how many times I have called them up about this issue. Each time it seemed like I was starting from scratch as the person on the phone could not find any notes about my issue, or if I gave them a ticket number they looked it up and told me that the last person had never escalated it or sent it to the wrong group.

I’ll update again if & when we actually get our funds. Obviously I’ve lost all confidence in their support organization.


Once it gets to this stage I have always gotten my money so there is that. In some other threads I and others have also reported problems with payments. There seems to be an uptick in that and it’s quite upsetting. One common theme seems to be same day or short notice bookings. I get a lot of same day/short notice bookings so I don’t want to change my settings but it’s quite annoying to have to chase down my money.

Thanks for returning to update us.

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It is still an issue in 2023 that airbnb doesn’t payout to hosts.