4 star venting... AARGH!

Aaargh! Got a 4 stars on almost everything except cleanliness because the guest was pissed off that the only place he could book was my place, with a 2 night minimum when they only needed the room for one night. No way I’m going to do one night rentals because the laundry for 2 night rentals was already killing me.

I should have cancelled when he said they would really be only using the room for one night, and asked for bag storage for a week (which I don’t have room for).

Then another review that was 4 star, 5 stars on everything but value. For a $60 room with shared bath when even Super 8 is over $100 in the summertime?

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I had a guest who gave me 1 - 3 stars across all items, then 3 stars overall - because I wouldn’t do a cash deal for one more night. Air sided with him because I didn’t out him clearly enough in Air’s messenger.

People stink.


Money brings out the true aroma of a person.


How much for Super 8 room with shared bath? Lol.

This is why we sometimes advise hosts to not book in people when it’s obvious it’s going to be bad match or they are going to arrive unhappy. It’s a matter of if you need the money or the 5 star review more.

I feel there’s almost always a better guest that the poor guest is keeping from booking.

It was an instant book that filled a 2 day hole. He booked 5 days out and didn’t ask for bag storage or tell me they only needed one night until 2 days before arrival. I know there were no other rooms available for 1 night on that date, especially near downtown. It’s still peak summer season for another 3 weeks.

I really don’t like it when my place is someone’s only choice. I want them to pick my listing because they like it and I have good reviews.