3D Tours are live for some listings in Sonoma

As part of a program called “Sonoma Select” AirBnB collaborated with Matterport, a 3D modeling service, to trial “3D” video tours of some listings in Sonoma, including mine https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/12155038 (which looks pretty weird) and some others https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/12155022 (which look dope).

Not sure I love it, but it’s an interesting idea!

That seems really cool, I like the autoplay 3d tour, hovering around seems boring, but a 1min autoplay tour I think would be great to be the standard in the future. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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I’m awake way too early…I thought your listing read “Goddess Dome” haha! Love the virtual tour idea. It really brings a place to life.

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Couldn’t do the 3d as need to update my ios.
But love your dome from the pictures!

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Your place looks amazing and I truly love the 3D tours idea.
Did Airbnb send you a photographher to build the 3D tour or you have to build it yourself from an special mobile app?

Thanks! :blush:
AirBnB sent a team from Matterport to take the pictures, but unfortunately I wasn’t present to check it out.

Lucy, Like many of us I have my suites on three platforms for most exposure. So far VRBO books 70%. I have a MatterPort tour uploaded to VRBO and would like to upload it to the same listing on Airbnb but I cannot find anyone at Airbnb that even knows what I am talking about?
Bookings are increasing higher on VRBO with the tour. Any help or direction appreciated.
I did see Digital Era 360 offers Airbnb Tours but left two vm and no return call. Must be a small operation

Airbnb doesn’t support it, which is why they don’t know what you’re talking about.

BTW, this post is 4.5 years old and Lucy’s profile shows she hasn’t posted here in 3 years.