3 star review :( should I reply?

Dear Hosts,

I just received this 3 star review from a recent guest:

“The place is very clean and well equipped. General location is good, and the host couldn’t have been more welcoming or more helpful. However, if you’re someone who likes a lot of daylight in the room, this place won’t suit.”

This comment is very strange to me as the very reason why I bought this apartment is because it is very bright and sunny! I only recall that during her first 2 nights it was a bit cloudy but I obviously have no control over the weather.

Do you think I should leave a public response? Any suggestions about how I should reply?


You’ll get lots of different replies, I think! I never respond to reviews for several reasons. Use the search facility on this site and you’ll find loads of discussions about it. Every host is different.

Three stars is undeserved but a reply in this case is pointless. What can you do about the weather? Nothing.

Perhaps AirBnB can add a Weather category to rate Hosts on?


I wouldn’t reply to this. There’s no point, and normal, sane people will see it as coming from a crackpot. However, I feel your pain with a totally undeserved 3 that will drag your average down. :frowning:

Is she saying it’s dark in your apartment? What a nut. I would ignore it. Anything you say in response will sound too defensive.

I would ignore it. Was he a vampire?

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Wouldn’t a vampire be happy there was no natural light and therefore give a 5 star review? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh I read it wrong! I thought he meant he didn’t like daylight :joy: Maybe he’s a sunflower

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Not a sunflower, rather a pernickety guest with a ridiculous reason for giving a shoddy review. :yum:


Agreed, I would be fuming! 4 stars is frustrating, 3 is a real kick in the teeth

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“Thanks for being a great house guest. Hopefully on your next visit the weather won’t be as cloudy so you can experience my normally bright and sun filled house.”


bahahahahah. Good one Jim! Maybe she SHOULD say that! Pitch perfect.

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It’s smart alecky but still nice :)))))

I recently had a girl complain that the sun was too bright, which it is with the skylight just above the bed. She didn’t mark me down like the op’s jerky guest but she did point it out in the review.

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Sheesh! What is next? “The room was nice, but unfortunately the sun was too bright during the day and nighttime was too dark. Altho we contact the host about this, they did not do anything about it and were forced to suffer through this daily.”


If you have a lot of bookings in the pipeline then this review will hopefully be buried soon. Not sure with the whole new review order change though.

The good thing is she says a lot of daylight versus “hardly any daylight.”

How is when people are sleeping in the morning…do you have really dark curtains to keep the sunlight out? I was just thinking that her comment might boost bookings for people who like it to be dark unti they get up. But if it’s not really like that then they may be disappointed because it is too much light for them in the morning as they were expecting a dark place.

I would just let this one go though and not respond.

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Honestly, this kind of comment reminds me of the review that stated the birds chirping outside was a disturbance. I can just see birds, weather and sunlight being the new Extenuating policy for a refund. And the new Air ads… “Too sunny? Too chirpy? Too cloudy? No Problem! You get a FULL REFUND, including service fees!”

Major eye roll!


Yep. An Air rep. will say the property was misadvertised because it didn’t specify that you would be able to hear birds chirping in the morning.

What was the recent one with the girl in New York? And someone booked a month and complained that the apartment stairwell was not advertised as “shared” with the other people who live in the building. And then got a full refund and even snapped shots of scuff marks on the shared stairwell and a shelf at the top of it and said it was “clutter.”


“Too chirpy” (…ha!)

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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: