3 bedroom vs 2 bedroom shotgun in New Orleans

I just purchased a double that I plan to airbnb in New Orleans. The unit I want to airbnb is a shotgun with 3 bedrooms, but no dining area. So I have the option of using the of the bedrooms as a dining area instead. Otherwise I can put a table in the living room (disconnected from the kitchen) or outside in the backyard. I noticed the bookings are considerably better for 3 bedrooms, but will my reviews be bad for inconvenient dining area situation?

Its a little clunky if I don’t use the bedroom as a dining area.

I have a friend who bought a house with the intention of Airbnb in New Orleans but discovered that it’s highly regulated. Did you check out the laws? She is now doing long term rentals.

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Yeah, I will be living in the other unit so I will be able to airbnb still. I checked with the city.

Most of my guests never cook meals and eat in. They usually dine at all the restaurants in town. My town offers all the usual chains but in and around the town square are unique places.

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Maybe you can do a table in the living room that is on the wall when not in use and when they want to use it, they pull it down. It’s the same concept as a Murphy bed. They are expensive but if you’re handy you can duplicate the concept.https://www.pinterest.com/pin/319614904775516751/ Or you can get a coffee table with a lift top to be used for dining.


How about a thin bar table against the wall with stools, and a nice set of tray tables for the living room? Depending on your home’s style, you could get creative, classy, or fun with the tray tables. The bar table could be a serving or drink station if everyone’s eating in there, or a dining area if it’s just a couple of people.

Hi Will - A formal dining room isn’t necessary, but I think a dining table that can seat all of your guests is required. If you’re limited on space in the living room you can try a bench on one side of an oblong table with the short end butting against the wall. There are also some handy butterfly leaf tables that fold inside the table to save space. Outside as an alternate would be nice, but I wouldn’t care for that as my primary eating area.

I’m shocked at how many people cook/eat at our home. When traveling, we generally only eat breakfast at the VR, then eat out the rest of the time.

Best of luck with your new venture!

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You will definitely be able to rent if you’re living on the other side, but the city is strict with what you can define as a bedroom. My experience with a shotgun style layout is that I could only list as a one bedroom.

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Is it required? I would definitely expect to find sufficient seating for the max number of guests, but I don’t think it’s a requirement.

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I like the idea of fold down in dining room.

Good luck and come back often, lots to learn here.



Definitely not required by Airbnb, just good business to be able to accommodate all of your guests.


In New Orleans, I wouldn’t be cooking unless it was in a cooking class, but I’d sure be visiting restaurants!