3:00 AM Sneaking in another guest

Guest just brought in a girl. Said he didn’t know the rule. I asked him to leave immediately and called Airbnb.


Excellent reaction! Please mention it in your review as a heads-up to other hosts.


I’m :woman_shrugging: ‘she didn’t know the rule’? She being the new guest? How would she if she’s not the actual guest? When you say you asked him to leave immediately do you mean the male booked guest?

I’d be cautious of throwing someone out in the middle of the night, especially if they are happy to ask their pick-up (I’m assuming) to leave. It might become an aggressive confrontation (by the guest, if they are intoxicated, angry being put out in the middle of the night etc).

I think a lot of guests think it’s probably not a big deal and they’ve rented ‘the room’, especially if they are solo and it’s the same price for 2 guests. I have had that a few times with sudden friends of longer term bookings and was grateful not to be woken at 3am TBH. It’s not right and I’ve told the booked guests in the am and made them pay and leave if no room. I then remind the guest about the rules via Airbnb etc. if it was a random the guest picked up, I would ask them to leave too as the guest doesn’t even know them and put us all at risk. I would refund a cent.

I do get a lot of young groups of friends though so I kind of expect people they know to be bought home occasionally. My son often brings his GF home (and we all share a Bathroom) so I try to be flexible if I can and the guests are nice.

How did your guest react? Sounds super stressful for you. :hugs:

There’s no wiggle room on this one. It’s in my rules and it is in Airbnb’s rules. The room is available ONLY for solo guests. This was a HUGE violation of the rules and trust. They packed up and left. If they didn’t go voluntarily I would have called the police.


Just to note - I don’t know about the US but in the UK the police wouldn’t help as they would see it as a civil matter.

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Same here. Police are trained not to intervene on civil matters.

Ummm, I get it, that it was a violation, but I might have left it until morning and not thrown them out in the middle of the night. I would have added the guest charge to the resolution center and then asked them to leave first thing in the am. Calling police is way overkill.

We’ve all been young once, you know?

I was once sweeping up my carport when I saw a man walk by on his way to my apartment! Since I had rented to two women, and no one mentioned this guy I was alarmed. He says, oh I’m just going to see my sister. He had a backpack on him so I should have surmised he was staying the night. But I was wimpier then and didn’t mention it. I was annoyed but left it until the morning and mentioned it to the guests who professed ignorance and apologized. In the end this guy had lost my snorkel gear and I had to charge him for it. Then these girls put pineapple rinds down my disposal and caused it to seize, so I had to take it out of use. All in all, quite clueless!!!

Added a rule about no extra guests. Learned a lot of lessons on that one.

If I had to do over I would have said i can’t take extra guests or that there was a fee. I never get this now.


So you are advocating for the guest to be allowed to violate the rules for a few hours and then just expect them to leave after they’ve had some time to think about what to do next? After they left, I found hard alcohol in glasses they left behind. What do you suppose would have happened a few hours later if they had stayed?

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Of course not, I’m just saying calling the cops on that situation is a bit of overkill. And I’m saying I probably would have left it until morning, but that is just me.


I applaud you for taking immediate action. If this is a room in your house and you have a rule you shouldn’t have to just put up with it because the guest can’t be bothered to understand the platform. I imagine though he was planning to sneak her back out before sunrise.


The fact that you woke up to this at 3am means they were even more disrespectful by being noisy enough to wake you in the middle of the night. Added to the obvious disrespect of your house rules.

I think you did the right thing, absolutely. It’s not your problem that they then had nowhere to go at 3am. That was all your guest’s doing. Maybe next time he’ll think about the consequences of his actions


Oh yes the police certainly will remove someone if there is any danger of violence. This guest has already exhibited a disregard of the rules. No way would I have felt safe having this guest and his friend stay any longer than the time it took for them to collect their things and leave.

It’s hard to say what police will do. I was once awakened by 3 officers in 2 cars at 5 in the morning. They rang my doorbell, 2 were 20 ft away and had flashlights aimed at the door. One officer was up against the wall of my house to the side, ready to draw his weapon. They claimed someone called and reported my garage door was open. But it wasn’t open. They seemed to be concerned that maybe I was being held hostage in my home. They asked me to supply ID that I lived here.

So if they have time to send two units on a call like that then they might well respond to someone calling saying a stranger is in my house and won’t leave. They won’t evict someone but that doesn’t mean they won’t respond to any calls involving an airbnb.

Have you tested this theory out? The reason I ask is because you gave this person permission to be in your home. If they started coming after you absuively or with violence, then the police could help. If they were a criminal trespass, then police could help. If they are a guest breaking the house rules by sneaking a girl in then …maybe not so much. Don’t get me wrong… I’m not defending what they did. I hate it when guests are sneaky or break rules. I’m just saying police don’t generally intervene in civil situations unless there’s been violence or threats. If they guest can prove they were given permission to be there, I doubt the police could be counted on to drag them away.


But were they violent or threatening? You are lucky they left when you asked them to.

I’m totally with @konacoconutz on this. Of course sneaking in a guest is Bad but to assume that it’s not safe and mention hard alcohol (it’s not illegal!) seems a bit over the top, as does throwing them out in the middle of the night. Unless there was a real safety issue I don’t think I could do that.


Did this all happen in 1951?


I guess if your rule is “solo travelers only” there are a lot of hosts who think you should get a one night mulligan. I’m pretty surprised. Normally hosts on this forum are quite supportive of fellow hosts.

I must say that I am really surprised by hosts who say that they would wait until later to address the problem and allow a clear violation of the rules to continue for ANY amount of time. The male guest arrived at 10 PM. He left the house shortly before 3 AM and the returned with the girl. I didn’t wake them up, they were already awake. They were only in the room for a short time before I knocked on his door. This guest just didn’t forget to put the recycling in its proper place, he brought someone into my home. This person is not covered by Airbnb guest policy, or any other agreement. In fact his actions are specifically prohibited.

Invasion - an action or process that affects someone’s life in an unpleasant and unwanted way: an invasion of privacy.


Don’t misunderstand. I’m totally supportive that you got the guest to leave immediately. I should have done the same to my backpacker. I’m in a place where I can easily see anyone coming in and can tell if someone has brought additional guests. There was another time (in my wimpier days) when a party girl had invited a local guy over and I cringed upstairs and finally texted her he could not stay, because I had a feeling they were going to try to do that. Both of these people stayed when I didn’t have the rule in place about additional guests.

These were the only two times I’ve ever had guests try to do this. So I am glad you got them to leave. I should reword that.

What I questioned was calling the cops about it. That’s a last resort.

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