2nd time my minimum night stay has mysteriously changed

You all might want to check your minimum night stay if you feel it is odd that no one has booked through your Air listing.

It was weird because I had a few Air bookings in a row and then crickets. All the other sites have been crickets too for this weekend. But it’s been a while since anyone inquired at all through Air.

I just happened to be in my availability settings and it says 6 night minimum stay. Another time a rep. said my min. night stay was set to 3. It shoulde be 2 night min. and I go in and set restrictions on certain dates.

The first time I thought maybe I was just spacing it or something. But again? I don’t think so.

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My check in day changed mysteriously from ‘any day’ to ‘Mondays’!

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Oh brother…now I need to go check that too!

Hi @cabinhost,

See the thread I started:

Does it look relevant? :slight_smile:

@azreala: Ditto.

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…going to check…

Is check in day only under specific time frames under “availability settings”? - I don’t see it anywhere else.

I noticed this on the App, not the website. We have ‘requirements’ for specific time frames, basically min night for the busy season, and when you make a ‘requirement’ there’s a check box for check in must be a certain day, I never checked it, and then noticed my check in day was set to Monday.

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I read your thread. That is messed up too.

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My minimum check-in was set to 3 nights and my maximum to 180 nights. It now changed to 33 nights minimum and 18 maximum. No matter how hard I try the website don’t let me change this values.