2nd review, got a 3 for overall, now listing doesn't show up at all, is this normal?


As many of you have probably read, I’m a brand new host.

My first guests were wonderful and left me a wonderful review. Our 2nd guests have not left a review yet.

Our third guests were here for two nights. They have also hosted in the past. They left what looks like a positive public review. I’m still really new at this so I think the only thing the public can see is the positive part.

Anyway, for Cleanliness she gave me 3, for Accuracy 4, for Value 4, Communication 5, Arrival 4 and Location 4.

I am so angry I could wring her neck.

My house is clean and I spend hours making sure there isn’t a hair or a speck of dust anywhere in the private or shared areas of my home. She left in the private comment about cleanliness that I should get a headboard for my bed because bugs were getting in the bed. First, a headboard wouldn’t do anything to help that. Second, to my face she complained about ONE small moth that got in her room. In her comments she makes it sound like there were half a dozen bugs falling on her or something. I cleaned the room after she left and I didn’t see ANY of these purported bugs.

Other hosts, please chime in. I don’t think a moth, or a bug here and there for that matter, should freak anyone out, or be deserving of a 3 in cleanliness. I live in a house, not a giant hotel. When doors get opened and closed, sometimes a bug gets in. It just happens. Am I wrong, and perhaps need to fumigate my house? Do other people not ever get any bugs in the house?

I have zero idea how my listing could be any more accurate, and she didn’t give me any clues.

As far as value, she opened her communication with me saying she wanted to stay in my town, but wasn’t going to pay $300 for a 1 Star motel on the beach. She paid $80/night for a private bedroom & bath 2 miles from the beach in high season in a sought after beach resort town. I know she was not pleased with the town overall and thought it was “run down”.

At least she thought my communication was up to par apparently.

I have zero clue what could have been better about their arrival, but for the fact perhaps that I didn’t answer her text message about where to park in my wide open driveway in a split second. They were apparently sitting in my driveway for a few minutes waiting for me to respond. How about you knock on the damned door and ask if you need to move your car?

I suppose I saw the 4 for location coming.

I gave these people snacks and beer and saved her from forgetting some purchases they had made.

Anyway, one of the reasons I’m so upset and angry is because suddenly, my listing is nowhere, and I mean nowhere to be found. I have logged out of my account and done a search in my town for dates I know are available. 7 or 8 places show up and none of them are mine. Is this a normal thing to happen when you get a 3 for overall stay?

Below is my listing, in case anyone wants to see all the bugs.

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Hi @Chloe,

See the recent thread http://www.airhostsforum.com/t/weirdly-low-star-ratings-on-review/6323/, particularly the reply from my guest. I suggest you write to your guest.

It’s entirely possible that

a) she didn’t didn’t know what you are doing and didn’t mean to give you those ratings.

b) it’s yet another Airbnb bug. Yes, the Airbnb platform is buggy.

Granted, (b) is not very likely. But if she did mean it, and doesn’t change it, you’re no worse off.

Oh, and regard search, you could tell Airbnb about it. And/or tell us exactly what search you did, and someone can try to replicate it.

@Chloe - you will get weird reviews sometimes and I’m sure that they are no fault of your own. In my last one (in the private section) a guest simply said ‘clean the floors’. You could eat dinner from the rental’s floors! They are original 1949 Cuban tile and the dark brown colour is uneven so maybe they looked dirty to him but they certainly aren’t.

Another commented that their stay would have been better had there been a coffee maker. There is one, plus a cafetiere and coffee is supplied. Yet another guest gave me a poor rating for location (we are in a fabulous location) simply because there was construction work on the road to the beach.



Thanks @jaquo. Though I know you are right, I guess I didn’t expect it to happen quite so soon. Honestly, her review wouldn’t have mattered to me hardly at all if it weren’t for the fact that my listing now doesn’t show up in search AT ALL. It’s like it’s disappeared. Which means no more people booking. Which means no more money.

Thank you @Faheem.

Given that this woman was very critical in nature overall, and that she is also a host, I suspect she knew exactly what she was doing and that the stars are an accurate reflection of what she clicked on. I will ask her though, just to see what she has to say.

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Hi @Chloe,

Ah, ok. If she is a host, then, yes, probably it’s intentional.

Dear, dear Chloe,

First, sit down have a glass of wine and let this one roll off your back. I can see your house listing loud and clear and your listing looks wonderful. Very sweet, very upscale. Very welcoming.

As for bugs, people are so weird about them. What they don’t realize is that when they stay at hotels, they are living with all the pesticides sprayed inside and out of the building.

You want to talk bugs? Hawaii has so many bugs of the larger persuasion and yes, they do get in the house. I even warn guests that they might see bugs. I have the house sealed off like a clinical lab and I still get bugs. As for moths getting in that is what can happen if you open the door at night. Sheeeeze.

We’ve all had guests like this, and they always feel like an unexpected slap across the face. It stings when you’ve given extras such as what you described and they still smack you. Ingrates.

If it makes you feel better, you may post your bad guest to our private lounge wall of shame. We want a heads up to not book nit picking guests who crab about headboards, yet accept beers and gifts, complain about a moth and slam an obviously impeccable host on cleanliness.


That sounds cool. Off topic (sorry) but do you have pictures?

You can see the tiles in this pic. The ‘blotchy’ areas are textured, the remainder smooth.


Oh. What does “textured” mean in this context?

Deliberately distressed for decor purposes!

Gorgeous room though @jaquo!!!
What the hell are guests complains about?!!! Love this sectional couch and the pillows. The floors are waaaaaay cool!


Hi @Chloe,
So, I live in the Adirondacks and Maine is an annual get-away for me, but I missed it last year, I’ve saved your place to my wish list because now that I see a wonderful place to stay, I suddenly need to go! :slight_smile:
So, I logged out of ABB, went to different computer, searched for Old Orchard Beach, put my price filter to a high of $150 and your place was second on the list!
Agree with @konacoconutz, who always gives excellent advice, take her first sentence very seriously :slight_smile:
As to her giving you a 3 for cleanliness, it’s obvious you are meticulous, I have no idea why she would leave that as a rating, because of course you are correct, one moth or even a few, or a mosquito, or an ant…does not necessarily reflect on how clean a home is at all. The only thing, and it keeps coming to my mind, is she acted out of spite? Although that doesn’t make any sense either, why would any host spite another host, even if their ABB was right around the corner from yours?
So…no fumigating, and yes, we all get bugs in our house!
In any case, definitely give the private feedback and the stars not one more moment of your time. You will soon have more guests, and they will be nicer and more fair, and sane. I’m going to give you all 5 stars for sure lol.


Love your orange lamps!

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It means it is not smooth to the touch, it has variety when you move your hand over it. It’s a design term!

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Hi Chloe,
I did a search on Old Orchard Beach and your listing was the first one on the second page. The stars don’t show up until you’ve had 3 reviews so hopefully it will average upward quickly with new reviews.

Love the colors and all the bright light! Your listing is beautiful.

If it makes you feel any better, I stayed at the Omni Hotel in Austin one summer during cricket mating season. On the 18th floor balcony there were crickets everywhere. Hundreds of them. The hotel left a note apologizing for the bugs but they also stated that they believed in preserving nature or some such environmentally sensitive type thing.

We have giant flying cockroaches in Texas. I do warn guests that they exist, since it’s a shock if you’ve never seen one before, but I stress that they live outside and come inside to visit only. I also offer a flyswatter and bug spray to those who are nervous.

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I too bookmarked your listing since going to Maine is on my bucket list. I think it’s a lovely room and house and though I haven’t comparison shopped I’d say the price is very reasonable. Like Kona said try not to let it bother you. I look forward to seeing who she is in the bad guest lounge.

I see. Thanks for the explanation, @Maggieroni.

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Shyeah, not to mention the art work and the VIEW!! ; )

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It creates visual and tactile interest

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Thank you all for your kind words. It’s really helped a lot. :slight_smile: I will take this good advice, and I appreciate that so many of you know what this hosting thing is like and are quick to lend sympathy.

@brook2adks, thank you for searching for my listing and letting me know the results. I am relieved to hear that, and my husband and I would be delighted to be your hosts, should you get the chance to visit our area again.

@KKC, I hope you do get a chance to travel to Maine. There is much to see and do and we’d love to show you around!

@konacoconutz, thank you for helping me gain some perspective. If I ever get to Hawaii, I’ll bring the wine and we can commiserate about bad guests together. :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear others echo my thoughts on bugs. It’s summertime in Maine, so yes, pesky creatures are a fact of life here, just as they apparently are in other places!