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2021 - Guest reviews changed?

So i don’t have the skills of Guthend, and his infamous polls, but I’m curious …

Anyone else experiencing different format of guest reviews / comments in 2021?

Only in the last month have things gotten weird. One guest marked us as a 4* but left a good comment on the review. We’d received no feedback of anything being wrong so I started sluething. He gave us a 3 for accuracy and his comment was “stove gets too hot and should be replaced”. It’s 6 months old. And GAS. 🤦

Another guest marked us a 4 for cleaning and marked “kitchen” so I contacted her immediately. She said “oh the house is lovely, we had a fantastic time” and then “I just couldn’t find all the measuring cups” There are two sets and they are all there … We checked. 🤷

Makes me wonder if the hamsters at ABB have fecked with the review questions again?

No idea if you have ever stayed as a guest, but last time I was a guest, when you go to do a review your options are 5 stars exceptional and 4 stars are good, 3 stars as expected…yet as a host, anything under a 5 is a fail. Some guests have no idea of the effect of a less than 5 stars review.


Nope. Said this before on other topics, but since reopening in July 2020, the standard of guest has gone up, as far as we are concerned. The number of reviews has gone down, Spanish folks (and BDC guests in general) are less inclined to review, but those that have reviewed have all left excellent ones.


Thank you @Debthecat - I have stayed at 2 ABB, a couple years apart. First time, easy review process. Second time, lots of questions and sub-questions. That is why I wondered if they have changed things again in the last month, because this was out of the ordinary for us.

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Thank you @JohnF - we usually have good guests, and both of these guests were nice and well behaved and took good care of our house. It was just out of the norm to have two people answer in ways that no one had before.

I’ve been an Airbnb guest several times in the few months as the elders needed a bit of help – endless list of survey questions about the amenities and such, but not linked to the star ratings.


I used to tell guests “we strive to give you a 5 star stay. Please mention any issues immediately so we can address them for your comfort and safety.” And when they would leave I would say something along the lines of “we hope you had a 5 star stay, Air views anything less than that a #hostfail” I’d start that conversation by asking about their other Air stays, what their expectations were if it’s their first time, and that was it didn’t look like I was pushing for 5 stars, just explaining the algorithm. It worked except with one guest who gave 4 stars because of Air’s fees. I explained that hosts had no control over that, and she tried to change her review, but couldn’t.

It happens. Dust off, move on.

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@dpfromva that was my recent experience too. I almost quit halfway thru because I was in between meetings and didn’t give myself enough time to squeeze that task in. It was unexpectedly different than my first guest review experience.

We stayed in an Airbnb home in January. In the review process; if you choose less than 5 stars you are prompted to explain why. The only issue we had was that the wifi was intermittent, in fact very rarely working. While it was inconvenient, it didn’t seem worth making a big deal out of. Everything was a fantastic otherwise. So we gave them 5 stars.


@J-and-G - thank you! This is what I was looking for, to know if anyone had a recent experience to compare. I appreciate your help!

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