11/16/2022 winter roll-out feedback

I’m a fairly new host but overall I think most of the recent 11/16/22 AirBnb systems enhancement seem like an improvement. For example, it seems that the ability to file a claim for damages is easier than it was in the past though I have personally not yet had to do that for a property in the prior scenario. I was however disappointed that they did not bring back property listing titles that present in search. No other marketing platforms (ie. Jobsites, search engines) fail to include title (ie. position title, website URL) as every piece of real estate matters in marketing and you never use valuable real estate to present information that is redundant (I.e. including the property type and city location when The person searching will see property type later in the listing and they obviously searched by a city. Anyway I digress… I want to create some open discussion around the changes and more specifically see if anyone else who uses Instant Book appears to have lost their pre-booking message. I’ve had 2 guests booked today post the launch of the changes and they are no longer giving me any feedback as to the reason for their stay where as 99% of the time previously I receive that information. Also when I log into my listing I no longer see that information under Guest Requirements.

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hmm, that’s a bit concerning about IB, I wonder what else they’ve taken away as part of the “upgrade”.

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Interesting. I haven’t had a IB happen post announcement - I hope this gets fixed because I rely a lot on getting this info from guests. I don’t want to have to follow up each booking with a message asking about their stay.

I had one IB last night but it’s from a newbie 0* guest, so it was waiting for me when I woke up to approve.

there were rumours about Checkout Chores being displayed, but nothing on that at all.

My experience with guests answering the questions pre-update was about 20 percent provided the info.

I almost always have to send out a message with the IB questions so I probably wouldn’t notice the change.

I was going to complain about the “improved” IB as well. Basically the dismantled it. Before no person without good reviews was able to book you. Now it’s basically “if they didn’t break anyone house’s rules they can IB”.
This is how I got a dude without reviews (although he completed 2 stays) to IB me and then he inquired if my room was available from 1-2PM. I canceled because I don’t rent the room by the hour. Jesus!


I just looked at my Instant book settings and the identity verification is no longer there. Wtf? This is on computer & app.

Ditto on the concern! I’ll be checking my listing from top to bottom tonight. Yikes, what have they done now?:dizzy_face:

Using IB if you aren’t even allowed to have requirements anymore is nuts. If that’s going to be the case, everyone ought to just switch to Request to book. At least you’d have a chance to look at any reviews guests might have and communicate with them before accepting.
Part of the Winter Update that Chesky conveniently neglected to mention?


Just like booking.com - no vetting, anyone can can book for anyone!

I’m out. The guest without government ID and stayed but was not reviewed can book? Nope.

I believe he called it “10 upgrades” so there was no promise to mention the “10 downgrades” they’ve snuck in :rofl:


there’s a host in Thailand on the CC who has a screenshot and she still has the ID thing.

but many of us elsewhere (Australia for me) have the new “upgraded” IB

Probably that Thai host will see hers change, too. Lots of changes roll out later in different parts of the world. I could still see inquiring guest’s profile photos here in Mexico for a couple of weeks after they removed that in other areas.

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Yeah I saw that reply on my post and was hoping maybe it is a temporary glitch for us. I thought they weren’t implementing new stuff until December. Which leads to my confusion why they’re getting rid of it before then.

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Oh, come on, Muddy, AirBnB is going to make sure they follow the ground rules and everyone will suddenly be a great guest (all said dripping with sarcasm).
Want to know what the ground rules are? Well, this article has them Ground Rules

  • Treat your Host’s home like your own
  • Follow the Host’s house rules
  • Communicate promptly with the Host if issues come up

They add more details. Here are some excerpts:
Cleanliness Guests should not leave the listing … with (examples) moldy dishes, soiled carpets, stains from pets, etc. ). So I guess it’s OK to leave dirty dishes all over the house as long as they haven’t gotten moldy!
Damage: Guests are expected to pay reasonable requests for reimbursement if they’re responsible for damage, missing items, or unexpected cleaning costs. I guess the CS rep gets to decide what is “reasonable”
Smoking : Guests should not smoke INSIDE (caps are mine) a listing unless they are allowed to do so by the Host. So it’s now OK for anyone to smoke anywhere outside.
Approvals for pets : Guests should not bring any pets INSIDE (caps are mine) a listing… So bring five dogs and leave them in the backyard.

Yes the smoking thing is unacceptable. We are in a high bushfire danger zone. Zero smoking is our policy and the law is you have to be 3m from grass or flammable stuff.

I will have to nag about that in the CC too. And incur more censorship and messages from the mods.

I used IB in Arizona for three years, no problem. Have had IB on here for almost two years.

If you can no longer know something about someone before accepting their reservation, it’s just not worth it. I’ve turned it off.

@gillian I read somewhere on the Airbnb site (Of course I can’t find it now) That we are to now use “Scheduled Messages” to send these questions. The problem is that there are no “pre-booking” options for scheduled messaging. They are all for post-booking.