11/16/2022 winter roll-out feedback

Have you seen the latest on the CC in the Airbnb Updates section? (Which has no comments yet, even thought it shows as posted 3 days ago)

"Hosts gave us a lot of feedback in the past year, whether you discussed topics here in the Community Center, commented through our submission form, or participated in one of over 50 listening sessions worldwide. We listened, and then we went to work.

Today we’re excited to roll out some major upgrades you’ve been asking for."

I would like to know exactly which hosts asked for:

Elimination of IB requirements.

Elimination of “not suitable for infants”.

“Guests should not leave moldy dishes…”

“Guests should not smoke inside…”

“Guests should not bring pets inside…”

Elimination of pre-booking message.

Making it easier for new hosts to sign up, flooding the market.

Encouraging hosts to offer “quality” listings at rock bottom prices.

Have I left out any new “upgrades” that no host ever would have asked Airbnb for?

(As I’m banned from the CC, you have my permission to steal this list in response to that Airbnb Updates post if you like)


ha, that would get me banned. i’m on thin ice over there.

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Guys I sent feedback to them complaining about this. Perhaps if all of you would complain too, they’ll consider changing it back, but I doubt it. However it is worth a try.

They lost a ton of money during the pandemic and it seems they are trying to recoup that by allowing basically anyone to book anything and wanting more listings.

I am personally fed up with this. As many of you were saying at another topic that your revenue is down this year compared to the previous year, I too suffered from this so I switched gears: I am now hosting primarily traveling nurses. There’s no shortage of them, they’ve been background checked and vetted by their employer and they stay for 13 weeks. And they pay top dollars and my calendar is always booked. In-between them I host on Airbnb, but that’s minimal.

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