$100 travel coupon for a superhost

Today I got this travel coupon. Do I have to use it at one place?
Or I can use it for several reservations? I go to Indonesia soon and prices there are very cheap, for example, I made already reservations for 4 nights and it is only 90$.
Thank you!

A Travel Coupon is good for at least six or more months. We got one back in November and used it in June with no problems.

Is it true, you need to be a superhost for a full year until you get a coupon?

Yes – that’s what the rules say – if you are a superhost for four consecutive quarters you will be given a $100 travel voucher.

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That’s a really good question. I too just received my $100 voucher. I’d like to use it somewhere special. Here in the UK I’d be lucky if it even covers 1 night

On a related note, in the past i noticed airbnb ask for a physical address where they occasionally send gifts too. Has anyway ever received a gift from airbnb? If so what did you receive?

It might have changed as i can no longer see this in the account settings.

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I signed up this summer and it still says that. I was wondering that too.

I travel a lot and my 100$ voucher will be used for sure.
In Indonesia I booked 4 nights at 3 different spots in country and it is ONLY 90$ and it is with breakfast + a free pick up ( not England hahaha), I did reservations without my voucher. I need to book another 5-6 nights, but all of them are in different places. And I was interested, can I use this voucher for several reservations, or I have to “kill” it only with one reservation?

I hope someone answers this, because I’m planning a road trip this spring and was hoping to earn a voucher by then for our trip.

I got this in the mail one day.


Search, using the magnifying glass top left, ‘gift airbnb’ and you’ll see lots of postings on this topic!!

Me? Not a thing but my $100 coupon.

I never get a single thing from the Love Team!!!

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I got the CO2/smoke alarm and a first aid kit during my first year.


That’s not the same thing as a giftie. From the LOVE TEAM!!!

Oh yeah, THANKS, going to have to delete it!

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Damn. Now I want a parcel from the Love Team as well!


The “Love Team” thing was so funny, when I went to the post office and they handed the little box over, I think I blushed, thinking “Now what did I order after that second glass of wine?”


Yeh, and it didn’t help that you got that wink from the postal guy.


Stand in line, my friend! Stand in line!!

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Did you ever get an answer, @Marina?

dcmooney, No, I did not.
I just think, that in October, when I come back from Indonesia, I will plan a trip to Easter island, Chile and can use this coupon there. There are no cheap prices for Airbnb. I will stay 3 nights there at one spot and it would be the best use of my Supper host reword.

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